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  1. to be honest im not sure I havent payed that much attention to it. When I get a chance ill check into it. Have you guys heard of a difference in packet tracing even if they are the same server?
  2. well I literally just got shadowbanned on MW so now I have to play CW and I was hoping it would be different servers or something but its the same problem.
  3. y They both connect to the same servers. Im wondering if its like a firewall thing or something within my computer. I dont have anything on it other than games and adobe really
  4. So I have MW on pc and ps4. I have a Netgear Duma OS router and I configure everything on the Router side the same way with whatever platform I'm using. Well the weird issue I am having is that on ps4 my connection is just so much better, I can genuinely play aggressively how I want to. I would describe it as only dying to stupid decisions (sometimes getting away with bad plays), and not to connection. Well on the other side on PC, I have a hoss of a PC and can maintain 230 or so fps on 1080. It feels and looks so amazing to play on my computer, The only problem is my connection to the server or something is routed differently because I just cant put it into words how wrong some of the deaths I receive on PC. I understand fully it could be a million things I am just thinking certainly some one would have a direction to point me in. The biggest issue here is obviously I prefer to play on PC. I have tried everything from turning off fire wall, forwarding ports, dmz, priority routing both as a console and pc, routing and prioritizing specific ports, qos sliding bars on and off, qos bars everywhere from 10 percent to higher, qos off, qos bandwidth allocation giving and taking from my pc on both upload and downlead .. and I could go on. Nothing has worked and I am extremely confused
  5. I've been having the same issue with my ps4 pro, so if anyone has the answer please post it on this thread. Thanks!
  6. When it comes to Traffic Prioritization, is that the same as port forwarding? Or should I add my console on there and put in CODs ports or do it on the port forwarding tab in Settings?
  7. So I've seen allot of people saying one of two things to counter lag comp. One is to set your geofilter to a place were you have higher pings, say 50 and up, and two throttle your upload speeds to around 1 meg. I haven't tried either but i'm wondering if they work to counter lag comp because for me its insane in bo4. I die so many times already behind cover and loose head on gun fights with other people where of course i'm shooting first with a better gun. I can never go on a long streak or get more than two kills at a time because of unbelievable deaths happening to me. Just wandering if anyone has tried this and how its worked out for them.
  8. I just wanted to thank the admins on these forums for speedy and constant replies to every topic i see, thanks much to all of you and the other netduma owners who put in their advice as well. This is a great community to be apart of.
  9. yea unfortunately im starting to realize that, the netduma seems to do its job but you cant tell other than what your saying. I appreciate the info
  10. ok, ill give that a try i really appreciate the help, im not sure whats wrong its like my bullets go right threw some people and my aim will be stuck behind someone as they slide on a 10 10 sensitivity. I live in Tennessee so i believe the closest dedi is in Georgia or Alabama. I feel like the lag comp or hit reg is off in this game
  11. So i dont use a modem because my isp told me i didn't need one and im starting to wonder if the modem type device they use for our house is the issue
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