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  1. That’s during a game I spent a lot of money for the xr700 and it’s not doing what it claims to do
  2. Hi jack the me duma is still not working it only shows myself or if I’m in a party it shows them .... no servers no others people.......
  3. I don’t get what ur last post was didn’t say anything just try after this
  4. Yes it’s me in Southern California and when my buddies get on and we get in a party we r all Rt next to each other....... it’s not a server or host it’s me ....... I paid a lot of money for this not to be working........ is it possible that ps4 and call of duty is blocked your duma down and not letting it work the way it’s supposed to I plugged my old one in and it dose the same on cod4
  5. Most of the time it’s says there is currently no host to ping in a game
  6. Sable so I just have to take the word that it is inside my filter range......... how do I know that .......... my last duma would pick up host outside my range all the time but I would block the host so it wouldn’t do that now I have no idea who or were the host is ..... I paid 500.00 for this duma it should be working
  7. That’s during a game only shows me as you see I have the ps4 in the devices and I do have auto clicked I tried it both ways and never does anything pop up
  8. Hi I had the old net duma I just bought the xr700 the duma is not showing anybody but myself and my party when we play no host or no other players......... it shows me and that’s it if I’m in a group on the game it will show my party and that’s it can you please let me know what’s going on I paid way to much money for this not to be working
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