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  1. Yes followed them exactly how it tells you to. The router worked for the longest time before trying to install it on the router you guys sent me thinking it might have been hardware related, with the same results blank white page and Duma OS at the top.
  2. I have tried the factory reset button a couple of different times and have used a few different computers. Is there any way to revert the firmware without actually getting into the main screen? If I could do that then I could actually go play around with the setting before upgrading the firmware to see if that gets me anywhere.
  3. This is the same thing that happened to me but I kept getting a weird screen a month or so ago. I don’t know how to link my thread that I posted but you guys had me do some stuff but never was able to figure it out. When I got the new router Netduma sent me I tried to update it to duma OS and got the same screen. It’s almost as if the router is bricked but not. Is there any way possible it could be related to settings on the modem not letting the GUI load but the router still function?
  4. I sent an email just waiting on a response
  5. It was like two weeks after I got the email for my upgrade to DumaOS I installed it and was working perfectly fine till now. It is on the first version that came out never got to install the latest rolled out version.
  6. So these are my results...looks normal to me. I gave my PC a static IP address, updated all drivers on my PC to make sure it wasn't something stupid. Along with change out the power source and got the same page. Its weird because this router was working since DumaOS came out. IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
  7. All the lights come on for a second of two then it resets, but I will post my IP configuration screen shot when I get home
  8. I tried the factory reset button with no luck. The weird thing about it is that it only shows that screen on chrome other internet browser will sit and have the loading wheel.
  9. Yes it is on DumaOS tried firefox, chrome, and internet explorer in incognito mode. Rebooted quite a few times along with turning off BitDefender on my PC all with no luck.
  10. So I'm having a little trouble accessing my NETDUMA. When I type in all i get is this screen and wont let me into the GUI. If it helps any I have tried clearing cache along with releasing and renewing my IP address. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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