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  1. My workaround for the PS4 disappearing from the device manager list over the last 3 weeks or so has been to put my PS4 in rest mode instead of a full power down and so far it's been rock solid. I was waiting to see if anyone else had luck going back to the previous FW before I tried it. I'm liking the added features of the latest FW so I'll just keep doin what I'm doin.
  2. Mine was not showing in the network monitor either but the red light for Prioritized Traffic was on I believe.
  3. I only play wired. The only thing I do to possibly trigger this is turn my PS4 off between playtimes, nothing else changes.
  4. Nothing special, I just ran the setup wizard and added the IP reservation for PS4. I have Cox cable with a Netgear CM 600 modem and an XR450 router. I rebooted the router again and it showed back up as active.
  5. Well I just fired up my PS4 and again it's not showing up as active on the device manager page. It was working great for about 5 days. Any ideas?
  6. Yes it did. I was always able to get it to come back after deleting some stuff and rebooting.
  7. No It still shows offline while playing BO4 and I'm 100% sure it's not connecting to the WiFi. I went back after you said this and reserved the IP address for the PS4 and rebooted and it showed as online after the reboot. We'll see if it sticks this time, I had the address reserved the first time when it quit showing up. I'll keep you updated.
  8. I have been fighting with this the last few days. If I shut the PS down it will not show as active again until I turn it off and delete it completely from the router and reset it up all over again. It's a bit annoying really. Any solutions or advice? All of the screen shots are with the PS4 on with a video playing.
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