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  1. I’ll start doing that thank you for the help!
  2. I tried that but unfortunately it didn’t work. I still get the dedicated servers that Pubg sends it to 60-85 ping. I put the circle on top of the servers area didn’t get it. I also put it in the ocean with ping assist at 40 and also at 0. The only thing that made a change was the ping assist at zero and over my location it didn’t let me into a game until I put it on spectate or raised the ping assist.
  3. Thank you for the response I’ll try it after work today!
  4. I’m still struggling with getting a lower ping than 68-88 on pubg with the Xbox one x hard wired. With it on spectating that’s the ping I would get generally. There’s a server from Vegas I get sometimes with an 18 ms ping and that’s the best I’ve seen. I set my location to the ocean as suggested and set everything as mentioned in the above comments and I still get the same amazon servers with the 68-88 ping have I done something wrong? It also seems if I deny the servers I get them anyway.
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