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  1. hey netduma team just wondering how i can test qos working or not ? thanks
  2. hey guys i found solution i'm killing 40 plus lol no more lag pm me for solution i dont wanna tell net duma lol
  3. if still i gonna get lag on 28 ping so how net duma fix lag ???you guys miss leading
  4. on game its says 45 ping and net duma saying 28 i dont understand and they dont have any calling services so i can call
  5. true brother i think buying net duma devices waste of money. on youtube they saying their system fix lag and when lag nt fixing they saying they cant fix broken game lol
  6. thanks guys gonna try different server and hardcore games are worst
  7. yeah true i tried everything but i am giving up now lag not fixing at all 28 ping and gameplays are like i am having 200 ping.Other players always kills me before even i see them.i spent so much money to fix this lag.i have to turn off my wifi to play little better matches.i dont think so netduma really prioritize my ps4. I think i should share my gamplay so you guys can see how bad this thanks
  8. thank you so much your support really appreciate
  9. does distance really matters??
  10. Hey there thanks for response here some screenshots from my router yesterday i just put my modem on bridge mode and results are better now less lag. Do i need to change any settings in xr500 ? thanks
  11. hey admin i got net gear xr500 i tried every different settings but still im getting too much lag other player always kills me before even i aim at them i'm getting 28-30 ping my internet speed is 100 mbps download and 18 mbps ping 4 please help thanks
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