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  1. I'm happy that cloud updates are being pushed out to help DumaOS work better with black ops 4. As for the bandwidth/matchmaking conversation I don't think people are actually taking this as serious information. I am the source of this information I have been testing this game for months and tried multiple times to make you guys aware of this. I know it might seem silly as this is the first game i've ever played that does this but there is truth in it and anyone who reads this can test it for themselves. go disable everything on the netduma like anti bufferbloat, QOS, traffic prioritization EVERYTHING! go to in game settings on black ops 4 and make sure your in game bandwidth is over 4000kb then set the geo filter to spectator mode and search 10 games making note of locations, pings and tick rates. Then switch everything back on with DumaOS, put your Anti Bufferbloat, QOS and Traffic Prioritzation settings to what you would normally run, Put your geo filter into filtering mode using the settings you would normally use and do the same test 10 times making note of the results. I guarantee you will get better results for ping and tick rate and closer locations with the Duma OS features switched off and as you will see yourself the QOS and Anti Bufferbloat has a dramatic effect on your in game bandwidth even with high speed internet and your in game bandwidth will overrule your geo filter settings. If you can test this yourself and post the results back to me showing im wrong then you can laugh at me. I'm just telling you what i've found
  2. Decided to unplug my Duma 1 for the first time since I purchased it 3 years ago. Black ops 4 plays better without it. Your match making is defined by your in game bandwidth being over 4000kb upload and skill based match making. QOS has a hugely negative effect on this even on a high bandwidth connection, for example with my netduma set up i will find games outside of the UK consistently regardless how geo filter settings. If I disable QOS and all other features on the netduma I will connect to UK and Irish Dedicated servers which have higher tick rates and lower ping. I would like to use my netduma as an ethernet switch with DHCP switched off however my ISP will not provide me my PPPoe username and password. I tried doing this by setting up a static IP wan on the netduma but that just ended in a factory reset 😕 Fingers crossed DumaOS improves when it comes to Black Ops 4 but until then ill keep it unplugged.
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