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  1. Iv had my NDR1 for a while now and iv upgraded to the latest firmware. Are we getting anymore updates in the future.
  2. It seems to only happen when i change my MTU within the PS4. Im on PPPOE my MTU is 1492 on the router and its fine i haven't had any packet loss issues except when i change the MTU on the PS4 and PS3 settings i get the fragmentation error telling me my router does not support fragmentation. The only fix i found was to set all PS4 settings on automatic and reserve a DHCP IP to spoof a static IP and keep the MTU on the router set to 1492, doing that got rid of the error but i haven't properly tested packet loss yet. for possible mismatching MTU settings.
  3. Thanks i did just that. Im gonna test my LAN devices soon on Bridge mode and just leave the NDR1 as a traffic signal. Iv been having some issues with my PS4 on the NDR1 its giving me a fragmentation error when i try to limit my MTU on the PS4 telling me my router doesn't support fragmentation. It began happening soon after the firmware update, not sure which device, i updated both NDR1 and the PS4 around the same time i think and prior to the DumaOS upgrade i didn't have that issue. I know the NDR1 is just a vessel for the software so i might as well treat it as so till the next update.
  4. I currently have a wifi router double routed to my Netduma R1 on the last port that i mainly use for my wireless devices (its a better wifi router than the NDR1) so i currently have 3 devices plus the router connected through LAN, all the devices take priority over the wifi router so can there be a way to disable share excess and just lock down the share excess for selected devices. id like the three devices on LAN to share excess among each other but i dont want the Wifi Router to join in and suck up more than it needs. I have QOS on NDR1 set to 70% and always active, and my Wifi Router set to 10% U\D Bandwidth allocation but i feel like its taking more than it needs at times.
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