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  1. I’m not sure my “fuses are suitable,” because I’m not sure how to tell when a circuit break is “tripped.” Also, I have no idea what speeds I’m supposed to be receiving from my ISP, although my mom and I were talking about dropping our current internet pretty soon because of the slow internet AND it’s a monthly fee, compared to some modems I’ve looked at that seem to be the better option, (thinking about the Netgear CM600). My ping is normally 105-140 when I play games like Fortnite. 65-75 on a good day, but rarely does that occur. & what exactly do you mean by connection type? (Again, sorry for my lack of internet/technology intelligence )
  2. Okay, thanks so much! Will definitely be buying a product soon
  3. My primary game is Destiny 2. Matchmaking consists of 4v4 and 6v6. I could care less for for battle royale games, although reduction for ping on those games would be nice too!
  4. Hi, thanks for the warm welcoming and reply! I do not have power line adaptors but am considering buying them.. will those and a NETGEAR router actually “transform” my gaming, even considering the fact that my internet speed is slow already? (I ask this because I’ve read on some websites that a WiFi extender is almost useless when pairing it with a slow internet)
  5. *Excuse my lack of computer knowledge in advance. I am considering buying the RX500, (or really any of NETGEAR routers, just haven’t made my mind up), but I’m not sure one of these routers will actually substantially boost my internet connection. I’m a competitive gamer on Xbox, and the need for quicker internet speed is aggravating me more and more everyday. I’m also wanting to begin Twitch streaming, but I know I need a decent internet speed for that- which I do NOT have I’m constantly lag spiking at least 1-2 times in a single match, and I’ve been looking into buying a new WiFi extender, and as a passionate, nerd for video games, the NETGEAR RX500 quickly caught my attention. When I download video games, updates, DLC, etc, my download speed varies around 1-6 Megabytes per second. My modem is located downstairs in my kitchen, and I play in my room upstairs, located about 20 feet horizontally and 15 feet vertically from the modem , (not sure if that affects my internet speed inside my room or not). If I do purchase one of these routers, I don’t think I’ll be able to reach a USB cord from the modem to the router itself. So with all that said, can someone tell me the best option? I desperately need a change in internet speed.
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