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  1. Hello. I've just talked on the phone with Jayson at Netgear Level 2 support. He is going to provide me with a Beta firmware within a few hours, which might fix the issue. Otherwise, he will test and confirm the bug and make their engineers fix it. I told him, that the XR500, as well as the XR700, might have the same bug as reported by xr500user above. Have a nice evening Peter.
  2. Yes, I tried what you suggested. The Support guy at Netgear even provided me with exact numbers
  3. Hi. I did chat with them. They were not able to solve it, right a way. If you take a look on the small lines under the text fields, you should notice that the bold lines are editable, and the thin lines are blocked (You are not able to write in them) I simply believe it's a bug, as it should not block the fields no matter what. It's kind of the most basic router feature you can find. Do you know any back-"door" or anywhere I can change those two fields? "Starting IP address" and Ending IP Address". Have a good day.
  4. Hey. I expect around 230 devices, I just need to be sure that we won't run out of IP's, because we have managed 10 Gbit switches connected to it as well. All cabled. It makes no sense, to block those fields though, as they are there. There might be some way to change those two values, from somewhere else then? I am currently in contact with Netgear on their livechat.
  5. Hello. I have an XR700 router. I am configuring the router for my needs, however, when I try to change the netmask to allow more IP addresses on the network, I can only change the last number of the IP address. I changed the Netmask to support up to 512 devices, but I can not set the Starting address and Ending IP address to include more than the default. For example, the image with 252 addresses. I want to change it to - for example, which is twice as many as the default ( - However, I can not seem to edit more than the last field of both "Starting Ip address" and "Ending Ip address". The rest is locked How can I fix it? I can change every field on my low-end Asus Router. Looking forward to your reply.
  6. Hi. Thank you for your reply. I am very happy that you offer this kind of forum support. Can I add ports for all users at once? Instead of one at a time? Like your list of Classified games? Have a nice day. Peter.
  7. Hi. What about Warframe for example? Have a nice day. Peter.
  8. Hey. Just received my new XR700 router today. Which games are exactly on the "DumaOS Classified Games" list? If some popular games are not on it, I would have to add them myself, for my users. Thank you.
  9. Hi. I am looking to buy the XR700 from Netgear. How my Packages Per Second (pps) can this router handle? The processor is pretty advanced compared to other routers on the market.
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