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  1. synthesi

    Networking Help Needed

    I turned on the Geo-Filter today. So far every match has connected to the California servers. My ping is so much better, this is amazing! I will keep this post updated to see if this pattern continues Maybe it was something i said in the Epic forums but i doubt it
  2. synthesi

    Networking Help Needed

    Yes, my region is set to US West. I have also tried (auto) as well in game to see if the results were different but had no luck. I will connect directly to the modem and see if i can get some different results.
  3. synthesi

    Networking Help Needed

    After playing around with the Geo-Filter a little i realized something. Fortnite uses Amazon servers, there are 2 servers for the West Coast. A server located in Oregon, and a server located in Northern California. https://www.cloudping.info/ US-West (California) 75 ms US-West (Oregon) 89 ms My latency to the California server is much better and i would love to play on that one but no matter how hard i try i can not get my game to connect to that server. I have set the Geo-Filter to only include the state of California. I also tried enabling strict mode as well as denying the Oregon server. Neither of those options work, every time i search for a match it puts me on the Oregon server for some reason, even when i have a better connection to the California server. Hopefully i am just doing something wrong, but i don't think that is the case, as i have watched several videos on how to use the Geo-Filter and read the forums a bit as well. Thank you for the prompt response, looking forward to hearing back from you! I will download Pingplotter as well and do some additional digging with that. 🌴
  4. Hello, I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk XR500 several months ago and i just want to ensure that i have it configured optimally. To give you a little background on my current setup i am using a Ubee E31U2V1 modem supplied by Charter/Spectrum. Unfortunately i am located in Hawaii and the ISP's are not the greatest here, but i am forced to work with what i have. I am on a (cable) broadband internet connection with a download speed of 940mbps and an upload speed of 35mbps. The only users of the home network are myself and my fiancée, we are both avid gamers and have our gaming PC's connected via shielded CAT6 cable directly into the router. I do currently have QoS enabled. I have given most of the bandwidth to our gaming pc's equally,with the overall sliders set at 90%. I did read on the forums that it is recommended to be at 70% but didnt think that was necessary in our setup.When we are both gaming there is no other traffic on the network. Should i still utilize the QoS feature on the router? Is there anything else i can do to optimize the network? My ping while gaming is anywhere from 60-100. I am unable to check modem logs since the ISP blocks it, however i did work as a cable technician for a few years and when the service was installed/upgraded i made the tech show me all the readings and everything on the ISP's end seems to be in order so i don't believe there are any issues with them. Unfortunately due to geographic location i know that my ping will definitely be higher than someone located in the states, i am mostly concerned with my connection to Fortnite's West Coast servers. I have tried using VPN service as well, such as Mudfish, but did not notice any improvement with ping. My main goal is to have consistently low ping, preferably 60-70. I have seen it drop as low as 55 on occasion and am wondering why it cant always stay at 50-60. Thank you for your time and hopefully you are able to provide me with some guidance!
  5. synthesi

    Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Lobby Problems

    Fraser, please check your DM's i have been trying to get in contact with you.