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  1. Me too. Even on the old firmware. I even blocked it. I think it might be Treyarchs main dedi or something like that. I’m in Ohio. So I don’t think it’s in the wrong spot for us both to get it
  2. What I did to get mine to work. Was booted up cod. Let it get the main menu. Flush the cloud. Let the message pop up. Turned my ps4 all they way off. Held reset button on the back of the r1. Let it reset. Turned ps4 on. Set everything back up. 70/70. Left the kilometers at 2000. Set my home. And put ping at 40. Demi ever scenes.
  3. Working so far. First match dedi. backed out, went back another dedi. both with in 5sec.
  4. I want too also. But I only have the the one router. And want to play cod. Lol. If they send a new update file out. I’ll try it. I know this is only beta. So I’m not upset about it having flawed.
  5. I’ve done every way possible. Only thing I haven’t done is downloaded a different upgrade file. Don’t think that would matter. Seeing how it’s the same that I downloaded a couple weeks ago
  6. Nope nothing. Still getting the same problem with the cloud and if I do get into a lobby. Still p2p
  7. Every time I flush the cloud it says The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App. How long do I wait after that.
  8. Your probably right. I’ll just wait till the next update. Before I upgrade back. Maybe you guys will have figured something out by then. Hopefully.
  9. It works fine on the old firmware but not the OS. And from what I can see. It’s ppl with R1 and not the nighthawks. I know it’s still in beta. So I’m not upset. And I don’t think it’s totally on your guys end. Because I didn’t run into any problems till that last update. But at the same time, you would think we would have the same issue on the old firmware.
  10. just down grade back to 1.3.6j. that is what most of us had to do. Till someone fixes the problem. It was working fin till the last cod update.
  11. Strick mode is off. Filtering mode. And no. I’ve never tried them setting before. But if I have auto ping on at all. I don’t get into any games. Then I get pushed back to the menu selection screen. Update. The lag was bad this afternoon, compared to last night when I did it. So going back to the 1.3.6j till it gets fixed.
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