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  1. The main problem with that is, VM only consider your BB to have problems if its not working at all, I was suffering with packet loss for months and hat to fight tooth and nail to get it sorted. I have ordered some new cat7 ethernet cables from amazon just to rule any cable issues out. Hopefully that works and i will update in a couple of days
  2. After doing some research i find my self in the unfortunate situation that where i am located the best alternative to VM is 35/5 FTTC. I just don't think that would cut it. Having said that I'm now wondering whether the XR500 is going to be cost effective for me, as the only reason I bought this instead of a cheaper option is for the Duma OS and the QoS was a main selling point for me. Think i'm going to have consider returning the router which sucks.
  3. Thanks for the replies, i'll try and experiment with some different cables, I have my superhub in modem mode and i'm using the ethernet closest to the fibre cable, i'll make sure i use ethernet port 1 see if that helps, I've been considering changing ISP for a while but I was hoping someone could come up with a package that rivals them for bandwidth as i have a large family and hence a LOT of devices connected. I've heard good things about BT Infinity, maybe i'll give them a chance.
  4. I recently got the XR500 and i've been playing around with the settings but still couldn't get an A+ on DSLReports, then I saw threads on here that said I should use pingplotter to test. After following the walk through on here on how to perform the test, I found i was still getting notable spikes, and this is with my internet running virtually idle. I have 380/20 speeds and have my QoS set to always on 70/70. Anyone have any ideas, could this be a problem with my ISP, or am i missing something? Appreciate any help.
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