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  1. Yes sir my internet speed is 150mb and I have set upload and download at 70%. Is there anything I can do to increase my upload and download speed.
  2. Sorry for my late response on this matter. What do u mean by CPU usage very high?
  3. Ok I have setup the connect as u have instructed it when I test my upload and download speeds they are very low. Through my modem my speeds are 200 to 260mbps download and 6mbps upload. Bows speeds are 35mbps download and 2 mbps upload
  4. Ok thanks for the help. One last question will there be any other setting on the Netduma 1r that I need to turn on like upnp etc?
  5. Fraser, with the suggestion that Alex came up worth that I can still use the xfinity WiFi to run my household. What do I need to do, to my setup to get it to work on his suggestion? And how do I configure the setup.
  6. Ok now I’m totally confused. So you are saying my setup should be the following netduma first connect ps4 pro to it, and then connect xfinity modem into one of the netduma Ethernet ports? why another router and if I need another router, what kind of special router do I need? And by adding this second router then how do I connect all these devices. I just found out I have the xfinity XB3 that is a modem/router. So does that change on how I need to set all this up correctly.
  7. Ok thanks for the information now feels like I wasted money buying the netduma r1. I will return the netduma and get my money back.
  8. Need help on hooking up my netduma to the xfinity modem correctly. The only problem I have is I want the xfinity modem WiFi to still run the house hold WiFi needs. I want my new netduma r1 to only support my ps4 online gaming needs for better performance and faster game play. Your help will be greatly appreciated
  9. Ok thanks for the help I will put the xfinity in bridge mode.
  10. What do u mean physical setup? I have my netduma r1 plugged into my xfinity router/ modem
  11. Last night my ping was between 24-35. So how do I setup the below u suggested. Would suggest if it is possible to have ISP modem/router > R1 > all devices and should then notice a bigger difference.
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