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  1. Ok thanks for the help I will put the xfinity in bridge mode.
  2. What do u mean physical setup? I have my netduma r1 plugged into my xfinity router/ modem
  3. Last night my ping was between 24-35. So how do I setup the below u suggested. Would suggest if it is possible to have ISP modem/router > R1 > all devices and should then notice a bigger difference.
  4. Thanks Frazier I just wanted to make sure I have all my settings correct. I played a few BO4 games last night and feel like I’m a frame or 2 behind. I have a open Nat speed of 4103mbps but getting destroyed in every lobby. I have my distance set at 691miles.
  5. Thanks for the help Alex, can you tell me how do I setup my network settings on my netduma r1. What fields do I need fill out to make sure I get a good smooth connect.
  6. Question I wanted to knw what do I set my bandwidth allocation download and upload speed on the distribution tree for my PS4 pro for black ops 4 I’m using my netdumar1 to run my PS4 Pro only
  7. thanks for the information Fraser, i will update accordingly.
  8. Thanks for the information I will turn this function in the netduma. Fraser are there any other settings I need to enable to run smoothly.
  9. Thanks Jack for that info. In the network setting of my netduma r1 I have external port 9308 and 3074 listed in my UPnP settings. Should I turn this setting on?
  10. What I don’t understand when I had my PS4 pro connected to the xfinity I was getting 200mbps download and 6mbps upload. Going through the netduma I’m getting 38.6mbps download and 2.0mbps upload.
  11. Thanks Jack what are things I need to make sylvite are running correctly. I was able to get in lobbies connect speed are still really low when I run speed test on my PS4 pro. Do I need to enable or disable the UPnP on my netduma? I don’t have that opinion enabled on my xfinity modem/router
  12. Once I enter the Wan IP in my dmz of the xfinity in the DMZ host v4. Will that be all I have to do to complete this process and have my netduma r1 running correctly?
  13. Fraser So I had to disable bridge mode on my xfinity modem/router to bring up the dmz settings. I tried entering the netduma wan ip address in the dmz settings. The message that came up was DMZ v4 host address is beyond the valid range. It also is a calling for a DMZ v6 address as well. I did enable the UPnP setting on the netduma.
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