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  1. thanks for the information Fraser, i will update accordingly.
  2. Thanks for the information I will turn this function in the netduma. Fraser are there any other settings I need to enable to run smoothly.
  3. Thanks Jack for that info. In the network setting of my netduma r1 I have external port 9308 and 3074 listed in my UPnP settings. Should I turn this setting on?
  4. What I don’t understand when I had my PS4 pro connected to the xfinity I was getting 200mbps download and 6mbps upload. Going through the netduma I’m getting 38.6mbps download and 2.0mbps upload.
  5. Thanks Jack what are things I need to make sylvite are running correctly. I was able to get in lobbies connect speed are still really low when I run speed test on my PS4 pro. Do I need to enable or disable the UPnP on my netduma? I don’t have that opinion enabled on my xfinity modem/router
  6. Once I enter the Wan IP in my dmz of the xfinity in the DMZ host v4. Will that be all I have to do to complete this process and have my netduma r1 running correctly?
  7. Fraser So I had to disable bridge mode on my xfinity modem/router to bring up the dmz settings. I tried entering the netduma wan ip address in the dmz settings. The message that came up was DMZ v4 host address is beyond the valid range. It also is a calling for a DMZ v6 address as well. I did enable the UPnP setting on the netduma.
  8. Ok I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong I tried putting in the netduma wan ip address infinity dmz setting in host v4 and it says the number is invalid. Smh
  9. Fraser, To make sure we on the same page turn on UPnP and put WAN IP in theDMZ xfinity router
  10. Ok in my network setting on my netduma in the UPNP settings. The UPNP setting is not enabled on my netduma r1. I have 2 descriptions showing my ps4 pro and demonware port mapping with 93080 and 3074 ports list
  11. Thanks I will add this information to my xfinity router /modem. By doing this will just keep my NAT open. Does it serve any other purpose?
  12. Jack, Ok in the DMZ section on my xfinity do I have to put the WAN IP number in the DMZ v4 and DMZ v6? See attach pic as a reference.
  13. What information from the R1 do I need to put in the DMZ of your Xfinity?
  14. I’m not sure what u mean by a Static IP up address. I have never setup a static up address.
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