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  1. I have an Early Adopters R1 running firmware debug version 1.02.2. It was sitting a closet for several years not being touched, hence the old firmware. Unfortunately, I'm have DNS errors when trying to use it and I have no way of changing up the DNS servers. All searches for a solution refer to a Misc. settings menu that I just don't have. I assumed this is because of my old firmware, so I went to upgrade it only to find out that I can't safely upgrade the R1s firmware myself due to its age. However, the instructions for upgrading from older firmwares says to activate "remote support access" found in the, you guessed it, MISC. settings menu. Now maybe I'm just stupid, and this menu is there and I'm just not finding it somehow. However when I go to settings, my only options are -Wifi, -Port Forwarding, -UpNp, -DHCP, and -DHCP Lease. So please, let me know what I'm doing wrong, and/or how to fix it.
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