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  1. In any mode, with all solo players, I am still getting roughly half to all the players joining from outside the geofilter region. How is this possible? I have posted this problem a dozen times, and the problem just keeps getting worse. How are solo players connecting from outside a geofilter region? FWIW, when I enable strict mode, it works MUCH better (I do get disconnected very occasionally, maybe 1 out of 15 games). But you guys say not to use strict mode for some reason.
  2. The problem is that even against SOLO players I am matchmaking against people in FAR distant regions. When my geofilter is set to 100 miles, and I matchmake against solo players from china, that means geofilter doesnt work. The problem is that bungie checks with servers outside the region for elo (or their version of it) compatible players. If the best match for my skill level is in China or Brazil or both, Bungies authentication servers are permitted to pull in any connection at all. Because this router doesnt allow me to control those servers anymore, it doesnt geofilter. I can force no matchmaking, or matchmake against everyone as though geofilter isnt on at all. those are the options since they forced whitelisting of ALL servers.
  3. Thanks, I'll try it. I am solo in the Tower. Also my postmaster is full.
  4. So, I have reached a unsustainable frustration level with Destiny. If this router setup cant solve it, I guess I am done with the game. Maybe its my Elo or whatever, but with geofiltering on, I just finished a game where solo players from the southern tip of British Columbia to eastern Colorado to southern Mexico matched against me in Quickplay. I have a 750km radius on my geofilter. That is ~2800km radius to the matchmaking. Here is my ping to during the game Here is my connection through a jitter test So my general connection is fine. And here is gameplay with geo filter on. Literally every single game I play has the same EXTREME latency. It is to the point that I am on the cusp of deleting the game if I cant solve it. My ping to is stable with no jitter or packetloss. My ping to local Bungie servers is relatively stable. That is why I am looking for an honest answer to tell me if geofiltering does ANYTHING for Destiny. It seems like it does not, and that makes the game not worth playing for me. Its great that other people dont have this issue. I do.
  5. No. 500 If I could get some troubleshooting assistance that would be amazing. The "it works for me" just makes me want to throw this router away. Clearly it is a defective unit. Maybe my QoS or ports or geofilter or something is causing this. I just cant deal with it anymore. I feel like a my comcast POS is better than this setup. Maybe I need to factory reset it? Honestly, I am in no position to buy new gear, so it is really to the point of just deleting Destiny, and going back to my Comcast provided equipment and shelving this setup at this point. I love to play games, but my current network setup makes enjoying Destiny impossible.
  6. I am from the US. No matter where I set the geo-filter, I get matches with SOLO people from all over the world. They are not being brought in by a fireteam leader connecting to them, they seem to being brought in because you dont allow me to black list servers that people in denmark and Japan are connecting to. This router simply doesnt work at all with Destiny2 since you whitelisted all the servers. Since this is the game I play, it is dishartening that the router doesnt work at all with D2. Especially when it USED to work when I could deny servers from out of the country. Also, you guys should get your suggestions in order, since the last time I created a topic to discuss this, it was suggested to use strict mode (and that it would lead to more disconnected games, but better connections). Now you are claiming to NEVER use strict mode. Regardless, strict mode or not, the geofilter simply doesnt work at all for Destiny anymore. Can you please either admit that it doesnt work at all, or give some advice on how to set it up so it works. Right now at least 50% of players I match against are from other continents, when my geo filter is set to 500km in my area. To test if it made any difference at all, I moved it to Europe, where I got the same random matchmaking, as evidence that the geofilter doesnt do anything at all with D2. I see you play on PS4, maybe you can fireteam with me and explain how my setup is not right.
  7. I posted a couple comments on another thread, but this needs to be addressed. Since the destiny servers were all white listed, geofiltering doesnt work at all. Not in strict mode, regardless of the range, etc. It is CONSTANT connections to INDIVIDUAL players from way outside the range of the geo filter. What is the solution for this, or does geofiltering just flat out not work for D2? I should note that moving the center of my geofilter (and rebooting) in D2 does not actually change what servers or what players I connect to. If you cant deny servers, you cant geofilter. Forcing all destiny servers to be white listed seems to make the geofilter not work.
  8. So.... how does geo filtering work then? because it absolutely does not right now. Or to put it another way: does Geofiltering just not work on D2? It used to when it would deny the servers, but now I get wide ranges of players, even in lobbies full of solo players. What settings should I be using?
  9. The next game (with only 2 of 12 grouped) looked like this Honestly, I even tried forcing a public IP change by changing what MAC was used. That is how desperate I am to get this sorted. It didnt work. It is still worse than normal matchmaking. By a HUGE amount.
  10. I have the same problem, and I didnt used to have it. I am CONSTANTLY connecting to dedicated servers in destiny that I have set as "denied" and through them, connecting to people WAY WAY outside my accepted range (or any acceptable range for gaming). I find when this happens that the only solution is to disable geofiltering. I have been told that you cannot deny servers (destiny "requires" them to work, AND that denying individuals doesnt do anything in the geofilter. I am just curious how it is SUPPOSED to work now, because it seems to just absolute garbage right now. This is what my settings are while matchmaking These two servers are denied (but still used for matchmaking) This is the game I got (with only two people grouped together) This is the denied servers It didnt used to be like this. Now it seems like nothing is working correctly. I have tried this with a radius that covers the entire US and parts of Canada. I have tried with just the west coast. Just CA/NV. Just Or/Wa (Bungie HQ). None of it makes a difference. CONSTANTLY matchmade with people from anywhere at random, through servers around the world.
  11. They are all "allowed" and little people (rather than triangles). Even if its just people inside my geo region selected (ie 1000km) it gives me nat errors.
  12. Yeah. Party chat works fine if I spectate and rejoin the party. It also stays working fine if I switch from spectate to filtering while in a party. (edit: Without rebooting my PS4, but that requires constantly changing settings from spectating to filtering, backing in and out of the game, and quitting parties etc. I havent found that to be worth my time.) Also, I set up the router using portforward.com, so I am not sure what I would have to change.
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