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  1. @Bert Thank you. You say that there is nothing the ISP can do. The people helping me are responding to an FCC complaint now, and have floated the idea of too much usage on the line in my area. They are insanely responsive now, and have whatever an "executive support" liaison, and a business technician regional supervisor (who brought over test account and his own XR500 to help me troubleshoot. He took the XR500 home, but left the test account modem.) working directly with me. Like I said, on a completely uncapped test of the line in the street, the max down is ~1300mbps and the upload in around 110mbps. Pretty narrow upload if people are pushing web traffic from the dozens of homes, I would thing, especially with all the cameras in the area. The supervisor also mentioned that the upload being so limited on their system is a major issue internally since the pandemic started that is part of their 4 year plan to rectify. That is also a reason he suggested moving from 400 to the 1.2gbps plan to increase my 10up to ~40up. In other words, it sounds like you and the guy I am talking to are saying similar things. He thinks the low upload is causing ping spikes. What do you suggest I ask from them, or how to talk to them? They have an order to replace the pedestal already because they think traffic might be getting jammed in that, and have talked about the neighborhood maybe not having sufficient bandwidth. I am not a technician, so I am not sure what to tell them.
  2. Hey @Netduma Fraser So I have been talking with ISP about the node and pedestal, and as part of their troubleshooting they upgraded my plan to 1gbps down and whatever lousy speed up. When they test it, it gets roughly 1gbps, and their open bandwidth test shows my area tops at 1.3gbps. My PS5 shows ~800mbps, I dont trust my PC for speedtesting, but the built-in speedtest for the router tops out at ~520mbps consistently. When I factory reset with the new service, it showed 942mbps, so I am pretty sure I am getting there. Is there a setting I am missing on the speedtest that would cause it to max out at 500mbps? I found this comment from you https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/XR500-dumaos-3-0-speed-test/td-p/2094386 >We're still improving the results reported by Connection Benchmark so you can ignore that for the moment, if a third party speed test gives you the speeds you expect that is what you'll be getting Maybe just a known issue and ignore it?
  3. @Netduma Liam Are you guys pretty sure this doesnt look like the ISP? I "asked" the ISP to check the node that is their first hop from my home, and then I got a call "Tier 3" support from them to notify that they now a replacement scheduled and would call back with a date and time this week. It seems like it would be related? W
  4. OK, checking back in. If ANYTHING is connected to the router (wemo light switch, ring doorbell - even inactive, wifes phone, my phone, my computer, etc), I get ENORMOUS latency spikes playing games. if I block everything I get really good games. I have my ISP coming out again tomorrow, and then I will be switching out my equipment (modem and router). I feel like I am better off with a ISP provided gateway. Is there a reason to buy another router with dumaOS? It sounds like you guys have no idea why QOS, across multiple versions and settings, makes my connection worse. I had my eye on the R2 since I dont really use wifi much, but the XR1000 also seemed like an option. I just cannot believe with all the testing I have done the answer is "retry the tests." I did (actually, with keeping records) 100+ tests with various QOS settings and software versions, and they all show QOS makes it worse. At best QOS doesnt make it better. Is this a router problem? Is it DumaOS not working? Is it my Modem? Is it the ISP? Honestly, I am at the point where gaming just isnt fun anymore. I appreciate the help troubleshooting, but this unit seems straight up broken.
  5. I dont see connection benchmark on this version.
  6. So I downgraded to 114 It seems I get closer to full speed to my PC https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat?test-id=7db2b654-fca2-417b-85d5-53241ea46af9 Also, It seems pingplotter isnt getting the massive ping spikes with QOS, but I still cant resolve the issues with pink spikes on DSLreport or waveform I thought it may help to run some tests at various up and down limits on the QOS settings. I noticed that if upload is at anything but 100, I get a lot of latency: For example, at 100% on upload, I have a very tight and low latency spread on upload, but if I lower it, it goes through the roof. I would assume if I set it lower, it would help with bloat. This chart shows my tests at 70% download, and various upload, 95th% ping during upload bloat-test But what is really confusing to me, is that lowering the upload from 100, while leaving download set to 70, has the same effect on the download latency This chart shows my tests at 70% download, and various upload, 95th% ping during download bloat-test A little aside, lowering the slider for upload increase median ping for download, and lowers median ping for upload (but, again, at the cost of large ping spikes). This seems not-so-bad, if I leave it at 70down/100up for QOS. Is that how its supposed to work? I did a lot of tests and transposed the data into tableau and found that combination produces the best results. Is this the best I can do? I feel like its in a good place via ping plotter and waveform, but a tiny improvement would get me that sexy A+ test.
  7. @Netduma Fraser would work? I also see on the forum. I am not sure what is pre3.0
  8. I dont think I changed WMM settings, no.
  9. Three tests at 2.5 seconds.
  10. The spikes exist at 2.5. 2.5 is what I was running in all the tests except the latest one. This is the same time period on 1 second to reddit.com I changed back to 2.5. Ill post some results. I am not sure what it matters, because I have seen you guys say that the connection benchmark doesnt work quite right, but this is what it looks like with QOS on
  11. I do not have a spare router. I am not worried about the 100% on the first hop, or the 4.1% on the 5th. Its because I am pinging too fast. the 1.7 in that period (that carries through all the hops) is why I mention it.
  12. No DMZ or port forwarding. But, since I added my computer to the traffic prioritization (still no prioritized packets though), I am getting packet loss on an idle connection. (the spike is from a scheduled connection benchmark test). Packet loss is between the router and the 2nd hop. Same timeframe pinging an east coast server I connect to a lot
  13. Hey Liam, Maybe I am doing it wrong, but adding my computer running pingplotter and running a test on it looks the same, and shows no prioritized packets? Either way, it looks like this.
  14. It seems better, except if I disable QOS I get the same result. https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat?test-id=b62be656-28fe-44dc-8e94-dce97e2c7b7a pingplotter against reddit
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