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  1. Please add me to the list. XR500 owner with lots of previous issues hoping for a cure... 😉 Would love to be able to test and use the new version when it's available!
  2. Is there an ETA for this? Or any way to get it early? 😉
  3. @Killhippie I have not done a factory reset. Really trying to avoid that, but may try that. @Netduma Fraser It's the same when I access the interface in incognito mode, which removes all cache and cookies. I've also tried other browsers at various times and it was the same. Based on previous troubleshooting, it was already at 5... I've left it sitting for 5-10 minutes in the past before rebooting (it usually takes around 2-3 minutes after a reboot for the network to come back up). And usually between "re-reboots" it's around 5 minutes after the network is up, but may have been less at times I was being impatient... The only time I notice that the router isn't working right is when I'm gaming, since that's when I have the UI up. In regards to setting reserved IPs, that doesn't have an effect, since I do have the xbox configured for a static IP. The xbox and several other devices are wired, and then the rest wireless. They all go down. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I think the next step is next time it does it, I'll do a factory restore and reset everything back up again. If that doesn't work I'll try the previous firmware. -Joel
  4. I’ve had that disabled for ~3 months once I realized I got better hit detection in COD with it disabled. I think the processing actually slowed down the packet transmission just enough for me to see it in game. One other thing, I have noticed that a “soft” reboot from the Administration menu will up my odds to around 50/50 for if things come back normally after a reboot. If I just unplug it, it’s like 90% of the time it doesn’t work right anymore.
  5. @faulko, Do you happen to know which version you rolled back to?
  6. Hi all, Ever since I got my XR500, I very regularly run into this issue—like at least once a week—and the only way to fix it is to reboot 5-6 times. I'm looking for advice since I feel that what I thought I was buying was a router that should operate smooth as butter, but instead mostly feels like I'm interacting with it over a 56k modem. To be clear, most of the time the devices on the network fly and I get around 940mbps down, and 40 mbps up (on a 1 gig plan via Comcast) even when the UI is being slow and unusable. It's just the Netduma router that's slow... It typically starts with a DHCP event around midnight where I think the router tries to get a new lease from my modem (owned by me, but on Comcast—modem is a Motorola Model MB8600 if it matters) that I think fails somehow, so all internet goes off. The only way to fix it is to reboot the modem, and then reboot the router. Once I do this—and in this order—things come back up, but around 90% of the time the Netduma UI is unresponsive requiring me to reboot it several times for the one time that things come back up normal. It looks like the attached images when it comes back up... first it just looks like it's loading everything forever and never actually loading... then it will usually show the message saying that it's taking a while to load the app, but sometimes it just shows a generic error like the last screenshot. Any ideas? I am almost at the point of trashing this $500 router... I can't use any of the features unless I do this multi-reboot thing (each reboot takes things down for like 2-3 mins), and when it is working, I find it actually hinders things, like the buffer bloat causes more lag in games, etc. I look forward to your advice...
  7. Do you know approximately when this should be hitting the XR500?
  8. Hi Netduma, It's now getting into the holidays, and we're getting a ton more people on our network. I really wish I could disable the network map as it's designed and just get a list, and maybe the option to see specific sections of the list (guest wifi, wired, 5ghz, 2.4ghz, etc), but that's not required by any means if there's at least a sorting option of some sort. I'd also be cool with—maybe even prefer—it not updating in real-time if it meant that I could get this—just give me a refresh button I can click and reload it all as needed. While I'm wishing, it'd be great if on the detail screen for a device, if you could show a real-time bandwidth chart for that device only. Anyways, I just mainly wanted to hop on the bandwagon to let you know that this is still very much needed. -Joel
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