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  1. The blue eithernet cable is going to my PS4. I attached another photo to this post, the thin black wire coming out from the wall, going directly to the modem, comes form the outside wall of the house where CentryLink hooked up our internet line.
  2. The white ethernet cable is going from the modem to the zyxel router so I can still have internet access. I used the cable that came with my R1 plugging it direct into both the modem and the zyxel router and neither one gave me internet access.
  3. I obtained both PPPoE username and password, entered them both on R1 router, and I am still unable to connect to the internet by wifi or hardline.
  4. I did a little reserch online and found out that yes our ISP does use PPPoE.
  5. I do not currently have the R1 hooked up since I was unable to connect the internet with the it. We have a Zyxel C1100Z router that came with the modem we got from CenturyLink, that is currently in modem port 4 to wan\lan port on that router. And another ethernet cable going to a PS4. I checked online and I'm unsure if they use a PPPoE, this is my first time trying to set up a different router other than the one that was provided by the ISP. I can contact their tech support and find out if they do indeed use a PPPoE. I hope that was the right information some of this is still new to me. I also uploded a picture of our current modem\router set up with this post if that helps.
  6. I recieved my brand new R1 router 2 days ago, and followed the setup instructions and was not able to the internet through wifi or hardline. Serching through the forum I tried everything that I could find with no luck in resolving this problem. Please help
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