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  1. I will try this when I get home, thank you
  2. I updated the router when I bought it, which was around 3 weeks ago, and I figured that it will auto update as new ones are available. I will try the flush cloud when I get home.
  3. Thank you, until this time is there anything else I can do to help my situation? I have my geofilter set to 3000km, and I tried setting it to 2000km as well, but I saw no difference.
  4. I have not, but I know its not my area or anything like that. As i mentioned, it worked for about a week. Also, I had the Linksys Mesh wifi system before this, and I havent had ping problems with it, until COD. The sole reason I bought the X500 was because of COD BO4, because it was putting me in European servers. Before that, even East Coast servers in the U.S. I wouldnt have problems with until now. This game/router combo seems to have some communication issue. I figured with DumaOS, there would be some setting I could configure to allow me to be in East Coast servers without much of a problem.
  5. Hello, when Cod BO4 was released, I was having issues of higher ping, because at launch it was putting me in European servers, so I bought the X500 for the geofilter, and all was good for about 1 week, and I haven't changed any settings, but now my ping is regularly around 70. I still catch some games where its above 100 which is unplayable, but I am wondering what I can do. I don't believe it to be the router's fault since it worked for about a week, however, there has to be something with this complex router and DumaOS that I can do to help the situation. I am not that experienced with networking, so I don't know what I should be looking for. Any help would be appreciated.
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