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  1. Is it not wise too run both a geo-filter and ping assist? Like a cross between the two?
  2. So ping assist is a better option than geo-filter distance?
  3. I gave the device its original name using device manager. Still coming recovering unmatched device in geo filter and QoS. restoring and starting over is not an option. I have a lot of configurations.
  4. So I have to redo adding all my friends around the world to the whitelist again?
  5. I can't delete the "unmatched device" because the field doesn't load
  6. It's extremely upsetting hearing that the disconnects haven't stopped with this new firmware. I waited months for a new firmware, trying to give Netgear the benefit of the doubt, but it seems like I'll be stuck on forever.
  7. The startup guide is more than enough to get you back to saving the galaxy guardian.
  8. I can confirm the firmware is causing the router to crash/restart. The router was going offline every 30 to 60 minutes. Should I try v1.3 when that is released?
  9. I think it's safe to confirm that V1.0.1.2 is the culprit. The router has been up and running smoothly for over 24h and the log is clean and does not have a single error. Gameplay on PS4 has been perfect. Never got disconnected; no dreadful "lan cable not connected" notification.
  10. Been monitoring at work and the router has stayed up for 3 hours now; since I downgraded. The log is much cleaner and I'm not seeing any errors. Will check in later this evening when I play Playstation.
  11. Yes, I've tried different ports, different and brand new ethernet. I just noticed I forgot to turn off auto update for the router. It updated back up to V1.0.1.2 during the night. I turned off auto update and downgraded once again. If it continues to kick me, I'll try turning off the geo-filter
  12. It's never happened during match making. It's happening at any point in the game. Mainly when I'm almost done with a quest in destiny 2, so it's making my favorite game very unenjoyable. And it's still kicking me offline.
  13. I’m working with the arris SB8200. Went through the auto config. I was running but just downgraded to and am already seeing way less errors in log.
  14. I'm having the same issue since upgrading from AirPort Extreme to XR700
  15. Just purchased and set up my new xr700 two days ago. Since then my PS4 keeps losing connection, saying "lan cable not connected". I have set up QoS as recommended, I've added the PS4 as a static address, and have configured geo-filter as recommended. Every hour or so, it kicks me offline saying "lan cable not connected". I've tried on wifi and it does the same thing, kicks me out of online games. This is making destiny 2 absolutely unplayable for me. I've used an apple airport for years and it never gave me any issues. These issues only started after I set up this new router.
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