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  1. Thanks PollutionBlues and Jack, Ill give it a shot!
  2. Can anyone provide a tutorial on how to use geofilter to force servers?
  3. Okay good thanks for clarifying. Appreciate it Fraser and Butcher.
  4. I have not but I am going to do so during my test later. Question about Qos so I can have a firm understanding on this please. If I increase or decrease the Qos Anti Bufferbloat slider, does it affect the traffic from my console or does it affect the devices?
  5. Thanks Fraser, I will surely try that Ping Plotter out now. Yes I would say 7 out of 10 games i will have no issues but other 3 questions consistency but you are correct I don't expect to have the best connection at all times due to the variables you listed. Thanks again!
  6. Hello Netduma team, So far I love the netduma OS. I have it with the XR500 router. I am trying to see if anyone can provide best settings for 1 Gbps up/down for geofilter and Qos. I have less 10 devices on my home network and none are bandwidth heavy (2 Amazon Firestick). I have set my Qos to 70% both down/up and so far I don't have much complaints. I don't experience much of a lag however sometimes there are games where I feel and see that I am a shot behind the enemies. I am trying to get the best out of my speed and router. Please advise. Thanks!
  7. I will add on to this and say that I totally agree. This game has the worst type of lag/stutter there is at the moment. I played cod ww2 last night with the XR500 and it was buttery smooth. For those saying it is netduma doing, best believe it is not. The blame goes to the game itself. They have not resolved their servers issues and they got busted for changing the HZ with their pants down. The game is still in beta mode and until they fix the stuff we just have to deal with it but by no means is the router or netduma to blame. Keep up the great work guys!
  8. Okay, that makes perfect sense to have all devices centralized through the netgear xr500 to prevent bottlenecks. Thans Big_DOG and Admin!
  9. Hello, New XR500 owner here. Question about a set up with tha xr500. Is it okay to have one device (pc) that connects to my ISP modem and also connected is the XR500. I have everything else running through the netgesr router except that one pc which is connected to the modem because I use that solely to isolate my wife work from all other devices that's on the router. Does this set up interfere or downplay any thing that will hinder my gaming?
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