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  1. Hello i was wondering about Snr margin and line attention and what number would be ideal for a stable line.I have a net duma with the BT hub however i am considering purchasing a billion modem to use the feature Snr margin.On speedtest the max speeds i get are 68 download and 19 upload,however the download often results at different speeds rangeing from 10megs to 68 megs on repeated tests and the ping also spikes on speedtest from 11ms to 150.I do not care about internet speed all i care about is quality stable line and good latency for gaming
  2. Hi Net duma,I have a general question,i have bt internet 80 download 20 upload on games like ww2 battlefield bo4.and many others i feel a second behind even with my duma.i live in coventry is it my location maybe.I have bt coming out Wednesday.After they said my line had interference.but even before this fault with 15 ping to a Warwickshire server on speedtest.I have always felt behind.what do u guys think is likely causing such poor quality latency.
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