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  1. All I did was change the port. The geo filter still has my PS4 in spectator mode and the smart roaming was disabled by default.
  2. Good morning folks. It looks like it may be a bad ethernet port on the router. I changed the port from 3 to 4 and was able to play an entire rec game without disconnecting (fingers crossed that it keeps working). I guess I'll have to have this router replaced. I'll update if I do disconnect.
  3. I wont be able to check till the morning on the east coast USA, but I'll also check that setting and check the version I am using.
  4. Ok, I'll give that a try when I get home and update this post.
  5. To be honest the only multiplayer mode I play is park or rec and I disconnect from both. I think "my team" is multiplayer but I never play it. And, I'm a wired connection. I play 2K about 80% of the time and some fortnite STW. I do have cod ww2 but rarely play it anymore.
  6. I didn't want to piggie back on someone else thread so I started my own. I explain whats going on in that thread. I'm playing wired btw.
  7. Didn't work! I still got disconnected about 4min into the game.
  8. I load into a park and can walk around like normal. It's when I get into an actual game like 3v3 or Jordan rec that I disconnect almost instantly. This what I did so far, went into my geo filter / add device / added my playstation / ticked "spectating mode", Is that correct ? edit: I'm loading into 2k and will see what happens
  9. Hi Jack, I'm not 100% sure if that's a setting I tried, but will disable it and see what happens. Will I have to enable/disable this setting every time I want to play park or is there a way to set it to do it automatically?
  10. I keep disconnecting when playing NBA2k19. I tried playing in the park in 2k and got disconnected 8 of 8 times. I tried various setting in the goe filter. I changed settings in the bufferbloat, I tried changing the bandwidth allocation, I tried the profiles. I tried to factory reset and use all default settings. The only setting that worked was disconnecting the xr700 and reconnecting my x8.
  11. I purchased an XR700 and I had to go back to my old Nighthawk X8 in order to play any games on my PS4. I have xfinity as a service provider with 400/10 internet speeds. Are there issues with this router that I may have missed? This is pretty sad paying $500 for something and it not working properly.
  12. Would you be able to send me the firmware too? I just bought the xr700 and already called amazon to return it. I keep getting disconnected while trying to play on my PS4. I had to go back to my old nighthawk x8 to be able to play.
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