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    DA_guru85 reacted to Chaiyoabc in My best BO4 DumaOS setting that eliminates Shoot-first-die-first   
    So you are saying that my QoS hadn't taken effect the whole time? 
    So does this indicate that for me, it is better to turn off QoS ? 
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    DA_guru85 reacted to kevo in Bullet reg / Lag compensation   
    its spectrum their internet is trash
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    DA_guru85 reacted to A1_Boston in Antibufferbloat   
    That's good news!! It seems like BO4 is broken, and gamers are constantly looking for ways to combat their broken servers.
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    DA_guru85 reacted to Netduma Jack in Geofiltering simply does not work for BO4   
    Hi, welcome to the forum! I'd recommend Ping Assist as well - try setting your Geo-Filter radius to the smallest value, then put your home location in the sea. That effectively turns off the 'Distance' filter.
    Then, set Ping Assist to 50ms. You'll now only connect to games below 50ms
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    DA_guru85 reacted to RobReapz in still not getting smooth games on ps4   
    Imagine if a router company could legally develop a way to minimise the effects of lag comp and bad netcode, now that shit would sell like hot cakes. 😉
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    DA_guru85 reacted to almajedhs in Black Ops 4 Support   
    So I live in the U.S and I want to connect to the server around Saudi Arabia, here are my settings:
    However, it doesn't find any game for me, not even finding a player while searching. It is taking so long in searching and it is even not finding anyone.
    What should I do?

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    DA_guru85 reacted to KindaBusted in Seattle BO4 Dedicated server   
    I would love to test but I can't right now.
    Kids are out on break and we have a few consoles going at the same time.
    If thing where color coded then I could tell what each console is doing.
    When the kids go back I'll run some tests.
    Sun came out so kids went out!
    Was able to run some tests and the Seattle server is now showing again?!
    Everything seems good again.
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    DA_guru85 reacted to xolhid in Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!   
    It's not properly configured as those of us who downgraded aren't having the issue. 
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    DA_guru85 reacted to DARTHXX in Flush cloud problem   
    Hm i have 200 down and 10 up! Qos is on 75 % on down and up... do not know if this is too limited bandwidth?! But I would say that this values are not bad! Also have share excess ticked! I do not know! It is getting frustrating! One game went nice next 5 or 6 games I get again instamelted after pulling whole clips into enemies... and it is every time the same guy in the lobby that does not die... 
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    DA_guru85 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Cannot access UI after Milestone firmware update   
    Alright well that seemed to work! im logged back in, but now it seems the update didnt take affect, i dont see the new ping assist v2 anywhere?
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    DA_guru85 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Cannot access UI after Milestone firmware update   
    I downloaded through pc.
    But alright, I'll redownload it. Thanks
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