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  1. I might have found the issue. So far no problems since. Recently I was using the USB port to charge a battery and the issues seemed to occur when it was connected to the R1 router. Not charged anything on it since then, and I've not had one single disconnect. Could that be the issue? (Wondering if i have jinxed myself by saying that :-s)
  2. The only wireless device I have is a Sub Woofer connected to a speaker. Otherwise all clear. The sub woofer does crackle a lot when switched on so not sure if that may be interfering. I'll try searching on a different channel to see if it makes a difference. I'll also try moving the Ring Devices to the ISP hub and see how it works out. Many thanks
  3. Hello I'm having a real problem with the Netduma R1 of late. It keeps dropping the Wifi signal to all devices. The Wired connections are working completely fine and don't seem to have an issue. I have tried a Factory Reset, changing the Wifi Channel to the different channels using Wifi Analyser to pick the least congested channel and multiple resets to the device. I have even looked in the forum and found some solutions which I tried and yet have not been able to resolve the issue (can't locate the post so apologies for having to create a new post). It's becoming annoying because I have to stop everything I am doing while it all resets It is possible that I have too many devices attached via Wifi? I'll give you a list of what I have attached Google Phone Google Tablet Hive Heating Control Kindle FIre HD Table PlayStation 3 Alexa ChromeCast Ring Doorbell Ring Camera The Ring devices are the most recent addition and the problems have started since they were added so I am curious if it maybe these causing the problems. Any help would be appreciated Kind regards Daniel
  4. Line tests and ping tests have come back all fine. When it's working I got A to A* typically across the board. Tests on DSL Reports and Ping Plotter are pretty much the same. Minimal ping spikes and jitter. The reason for a new router is that I have the Netduma R1 already and as far as I can tell that seems to be working fine. I would go for XR500, but there are a couple of things persuading me not to. First is price. If I can get a pretty reasonable router that would be great and I can carry on using the Netduma R1. Secondly I've read or heard that the DumaOS firmware was designed with the Netduma R1 in mind and benefits from getting the updates sooner. Understandably, the XR500 has better hardware and good wifi, but it's the wired connections that I am interested in. Thank you for the suggestions and advice though, it is appreciated.
  5. Just after some advice. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good basic router to support the R1. For the past few years I have always used TP-Link based routers. In that time I must have gone through about four of them. The problem seems to be dropping connection. The first two I had seemed to relate to me switching the TP-Link routers off at night. The last two I have not done that, but overall a period of time there has been a slow increase in disconnects. It starts subtly with wireless disconnects and then it moves to actual disconnects from the net. Last week it dropped a total of twenty times in one day. I have recently purchased another TP-Link, mainly because it is the only one that is in a good price range and is readily available (more fool me). The first couple of days have been fine, no drops or anything. Then the wireless drops have started to creep in. Once yesterday and twice today. I'm expecting the same sort of thing with this one in that it will go on over a period of time and will fail again. In fact reviews of a lot of the TP-Link modems and some others have indicated it is a reoccurring problem and recommend not purchasing their modems. Hence why I am here now. My internet connection is with Plus Net and they have offered to send me one of their modems instead. I am tempted to use theirs, but I wonder what control I will be given if I chose theirs. I know there might be a restriction on promoting other routers on this site, but if anyone has any advice I would welcome it. Many thanks. NB. The phone line has been tested by BT and Plus Net and everything is ok there.
  6. Hi, apologies didn't see the message till today. It seems to be ok at the moment. Not had the R-Apps message appear since the recommended changes and Factory Reset. I will continue to monitor and if anything changes, let you know. Many thanks for your help.
  7. Trying now, will keep you posted. Edit: Unfortunately still getting the same error. I have noticed a number of failures in the logs section, anything to worry about? Just performed a factory reset, seems ok at the moment,.Everything is loading this time. I'll keep you posted.
  8. Unpinned the options, nothing is showing now. Geo-filter comes up with the same error, or takes a long time to load. QOS shows Anti-Bufferbloat but comes up with the r-apps error to. Device Manager comes up with R-Apps error. Hybrid VPN shows the setting to enable and disable VPN. System Options shows everything ok on dashboard and in settings. Network Settings shows WAN settings only. I'll get some screen shots to.
  9. Hello I keep getting this error of late when I try and menu options in the DumaOS on the Netduma R1. It started happening a week ago and was locking out the router completely. Since then I have tried a factory reset to see if it makes a difference. Initially it cleared it, but it has started to return on some of the apps, but not all. Sometimes I lose access to the Hybrid VPN section and it takes a few attempts to get back in. I have tried using CCleaner to remove anything saved to the hard drive although I suspect it makes no difference. Any thoughts?
  10. I'll happily join in with the Hybrid VPN beta testing to. I am using VyprVPN.
  11. Just been using the Hybrid VPN option. It seems pretty good, similar to the older firmware version. This might be in the works or my brain not understanding VPNs properly. but ideally I would like the option of being able to select different servers that are regularly used in a drop down list. I'm using VyprVPN (not sure if this will affect other VPNs), but sometimes I get better/stable pings on different servers depending on the day, e.g. UK and Ireland. I followed the older guide to set up a custom VPN, but I find I have to copy and paste the different regions separately to change them. If they could be in a list that would be great, maybe a list of common servers to connect to. It could be useful if you want to ensure you pick a VPN server that is pretty close to the regular gaming servers. A good example where this might apply is with Quake Champions. Typically Dublin, Rotterdam and Frankfurt offer the best pings in game and some of the VPN servers are close by. My logical brain believes if the VPN is pretty close to the server, there might be a reduction in ping. Unfortunately, due to the difficultly in finding games, it is necessary to select multiple servers in the hopes of getting a game and sometimes I have to select as far as Russia and Sweden. Look forward to the coming updates.
  12. Just upgraded to the new Milestone 1.3 firmware. Been brilliant, apart from a little hiccup with the password. i had changed it on the prior update to DumaOS 212.10, somehow there was some confusion and I had not realised the password would reset to the default. It didn't allow the upgrade to go through initially, but once I realised what it was I just did a factory reset and tried again, all ok after that.
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