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  1. I know, anyway you guys help me alot .. i think i have to buy a gaming pc now may be then i get good ping ..ty
  2. Same 50 ms i get on my previous 30$ router plus modem:/
  3. Mean i hv no luck:/ .. howcome i get 50ms in game then if sever from China show 180ms in geo filter ?
  4. Hi bro here screen shot and details 1) I set my phone as console in device manger (xbox one or ps4, i tried both lsame result) 2) filtering mode on and qos 70 % (always antibufferbloat) 1st screenshot from my mobile, on asia sever it shows 54ms. With or without filtering mode on i get same ms on wifi and on mobile 4g network i get 60to80ms.(expect set location as china) I try to change few things in geo filter and there result:- 1) Selecting india(north india where i lives) and set radius 500km, i get 40to70ms in game even no sever or host shown in radius. When i select 4200km radius to get china sever from india location. ping show in geo filter is180ms but when i play game i get 40to70ms even if i allow or not or deny this ping. 2)I am also try to set my location in china where sever is shown put location on same point, radius2000km or change to any number, then ping shows 180ms but when i play game i get 300to400ms even if i allow this ping Can you please tell me if i miss any point? If not,can you try to find any other method? Or can you make a small video about it? Like you made vedio on youtube getting low ping using xr500
  5. I live in india and i closet sever or host it show from china no sever shown in india so i try two way none effective:- 1) before i use india location and put 4200 radius where i get china host (closet one)... still get 40 to60ms. 2) today i use china as location where the host show and i get 110 to 120ms in game and on geo filter ping show 230 to 240ms. Why both geo filter and while playing game ping doesnt match? Bro does it work on pubg mobile or im just wasting mine and your time? Can you test it yourself and see if it work on pubg mobile ? Cuz im losing hope now
  6. Hi again.. i reset my router, did all setting again and this time geo filter shows me sever. But only 4 host china, europe. America and South america, no other host. Nearest host from china shows 173 to 175ms (in geofilter ping option)... but on mobile pubg asia sever show 40 to60 ms and while playing pubg on mobile it remains and constant between 40to 60ms ... i think something geo filter isnt picking up Can u guys find any other solution? If its possible. Two more question:- What is FLUSH CLOUD? And when i selected profiles option in geo filter it says unreal engine (pubg fornite) what's unreal engine means here? I am happy with router all over performance but ms is my main concern:(
  7. Hi its really confusing me i did what you said. 2000 radius, console, qos anti bantibufferbloat uffer and filtering mode... Whats really crazy when i use filtering mode i got 350plus ms and when i use speculating mode i got 30 to 60ms... is something wrong with software 😕
  8. Set phone as console (xbox) Re add phone ( set as console) in geo filter Antibufferbloat always I did above all still no result.. any point im missing? Do i have to click on cloud in geo filter? I m not at home ryt now.. i will try restart router after these setting and make sure 200 radius... I will update if it work ...ty for your support
  9. Hmmm ty.. does this work with mobile games too? Im playing pubg on phone.. i try this while open game in phone doesnt work ... when i click( profiles)on geo filter with no matter how much radius (111km or4200km) it automatically make radius to 6000plus km is this a glitch? 1 more thing if i use filtering mode i got 300plus ms and in speculating mode i get 40plus ms why? Filtering mode meant to less my ping( i try with all radius 111,500,1000,2000,3000).
  10. Yes do i have to download game or not to check sever host or ping. I set geo filter to max radius and no host sever shown, ( checking without downloading games)
  11. Hi bro, i did all anti bufferbloat on always, qos too ,70%. i live in india, im only person using internet,100mpbs plan, my frd got 25to30 ms on phone on his network , plus some youtuber play on 20ms 😕 ... i try locate sever i cant find even in other country, im playing game on phone , even though i choose as console like other person said in comment , plus i choose battleground and i still cant find sever of tht game in worls geo filter radius is 5000 plus or i have to download game 1st to check geo filter sever?.
  12. Hi, i did tht no result .. why my ping up ? Still 40 to 70ms ... i use ping potter beginning with 12 to 25ms ... with in minutes its go to 30 to 40ms , i dont why sometimes its constant to 20 ms or so
  13. Hi agian, i got my xr500 today. All thing work well.. but geo filter doesnt show any local sever..i select my device(which is my phone s9+samsung) then i select game fornite pubg.. and use geo filter for 200km (after selecting my country). No sever has shown :(.. i did it with battleground and other game nothing shown and i search on youtube no vedio abt it.. help:( before i got 50to80 ms now in pubg mobile i get 40to70ms ... 😕 i thought i will be 20ms
  14. Ty for info... I have ftth connection, i read somewhere and watch youtube vedio tht you dont need modem. And last question any modem you prefer? With xr500 so both combo work gr8
  15. Hi all, im bit confuse to buy xr500 or xr700, i read all specification already. But what i expect from xr700 which xr500 isnt having? Few more question:- 1) does i get low ping on wifi connection too? Like playing on phone (pubg)? 2) I'm using a cheap moden under 30$( by internet provider) and i get 50to80ms in pubg on phone, what i expect from 290$ xr500 and other from rx700? And my connection is 300mbps downloading and 25mpbs uploading speed 3) geo filter work on phone games too? Or pc games with wires connection? 4) do i need modem or doesn't?
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