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  1. jlpotter76

    Xr500 firmware updates

    So can we get some truth out here? So what is the true hold up? Development, Testing, Product Management, Lack of Focus, Time, Money? Also while you are trying to be witty and come up with a response. Please tell us the real truth about the NetGear and NetDuma relationship/t? NetDuma has this opportunity to become the kings of gaming routers and own the market. Only if they can get this pulled together and release updates more frequent. Also how do you not have beta testers for the xr500/700 that just seems insane.
  2. jlpotter76

    Todays Patch

    Yes indeed this is very frustrating. If I remove my Xbox from the Geo-Filter I get horrible lobbies. If I add my xbox to the Geo-Filter it is almost unplayable in Multiplayer. There are definitely some issues to be resolved, hopefully sooner than later.
  3. jlpotter76

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Well it looks like after the Black Ops 4 update yesterday. I am hardly able to find lobbies now. I have the XR500 on Xbox. Is anyone else seeing this or just me?
  4. jlpotter76

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Can we get this on the Netgear Routers now please. Are you saying for the Netgear Nighthawk routers this is dependent on Netgear not you all? Is there any insight as to where they are on it?
  5. jlpotter76

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    "Should be out soon" a little more information would be greatly appreciated. That is like the most non committed comment. Is this in a beta build yet? Who is all testing this? Soon, as in tomorrow, next week, next month, next year? Being transparent with the community it the best way to keep everyone happy. If you are having issues and it is not ready totally understandable. A simple update is all we ask.
  6. jlpotter76

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Can you please bring the New Ping Features to all Duma devices ASAP as it is needed in all not just one. I have the XR500 and seeing major issues. This would be greatly appreciated.
  7. jlpotter76

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Multiplayer has been updated to 60Hz a little bit ago. Battle(non)sense did a test to verify this. Here is the video
  8. jlpotter76

    BO4 Dedicated server and cloud flush

    Can we please get the new Ping Assist implemented ASAP. It is all fine and well to say available soon, but you all have been saying that for the last 2 weeks with no ETA. Either a new fix/Firmware update or Ping assist would be nice. I core piece of the product is not working as designed. I would think this would be a priority, is it not?