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  1. in the geo filter i am talking about if i just join a round and not pick a host then i good if i pick a ping then i have bad lag
  2. Yes if I chose a ping I have more lag on bo4. If I do not choose to ping then my lag is a lot better
  3. i mean clicking to ping
  4. I am finding that when I do not pick a server I have better results on lag. If i pick a server then I have bad results for lag. is there an update or is anyone having these same issues?
  5. I just looked over the link and I'm doing all that so i guess i am doing the right things to help my connections out. thanks for the response
  6. now should i be using a peer or dedicated server?
  7. Also how can i do a speed test without having to reset the router?
  8. So I had to reinstall my os. Now it works. I am new to the router and what it does so i guess i would say i am beginner to using it. I think that there is more i can do with the router to better my odds for faster pings and what not. Is there any tips you can give me other the the simple ones that i know about with the geo filter and what not? is there other settings i can switch around to help me out?
  9. the hard reset did not work for me. now i am running it on a mac but i tried my desk top and it worked fine. on my laptop is my issue i will try firefox and see what that can do. thanks for the response.
  10. I am using chrome. still trying to figure all this out
  11. so i tried from my desk top upstairs and i could choose a host. so now I'm trying to figure out how to access it on my laptop to chose a host
  12. Im having trouble with ww2. I can see all the host and servers but when i try to connect i can not connect Just a spinning wheel like its trying to connect
  13. Ive had the xr500 for awhile now and it has worked great. All of the sudden i can not pick a host for COD. IS there a way to fix for my issue?
  14. I have been using the xr500 for about a year now and I've always been able to select host. Now i can not select a host when playing COD. Ive tried a hard reset on the router but that did not work. Any suggestions on how to correct this issue?
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