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  1. tjuanma

    How to get the best ping possible?

    Thanks for all the replies....but i'm still curious. I've tryed to connect from PC1 (IP X.X.X.10) to PC2 (X.X.X.50) by remote desktop. If i try the RDP with IP it doesn't work the connection but if i do it by DDNS (XXXX.mynetgear.com) it works (obviously i've made the port forwarding on PC2 and internal-external ports 3389-3389). Is very strange that works connecting thru DDNS and no with IP (the PC2 IP is dynamic). Ideas? Any "LAN" firewall to check? This never happened with asus router. There is a way to select a specific device and don't allow to have more than 3/3mb speed? I've tryed in QoS but didn't worked in a iPhone. In addition, in Device Manager there is a way to make recognise the second router on the map and wich devices are connectes directly to that one separately from devices that are connected to my Nighthawk? Thanks again for all your effort
  2. tjuanma

    How to get the best ping possible?

    I don't use to make massive downloads or uploads even if my network is quite bigger than David's one. In addition my connection is 600/600 so i don't think that i can have big problems of QoS. Just a question, with my new XR500 i've putted my old asus in AP mode and disabed his DHCP to make it work everything against my XR500. Should I put the Asus IP in the XR500 DMZ or is not necessary? The asus is used to connect some Wireless devices (iMac,3smartphones and a tablet) and a PC and another PS4 Pro by eth. It's OK? Any other config that i should consider? Thanks!
  3. tjuanma

    How to get the best ping possible?

    Thank you for the explanation Nice, finded the Anti-Bufferbloat in QoS menu. Sorry but i've bought mi Nighthawk yesterday , and i'm trying to explore,discover and configure everything Ping assist sound great!!! I've make a pingblooter to www.elpais.es as you reccommended and the ping is fluctuating between 10 to 16ms. Seems good and stable. It's in your plans to implement a Wake on Lan option? Is a very basic feature that I really miss I've been looking for an option to change de time of the router because is saying that is 1 hour less that what real it is in Spain...that's a mess :S
  4. tjuanma

    How to get the best ping possible?

    Hi, i'm trying to improve my ping too and i will like to receive some support if possible. I have a Nighthawk XR500 in the last version and i'm connecting from Spain with a PS4Pro with optical fiber of 600/600 Mbps. I've been reading your answer to @Wolfeman and I made my Pingplotter test, these are the results: I've my antibufferbloat configured in High Priority Traffic Detected mode at 70% upload/download. Is that ok? What is the "Ping Assist" that you mentioned before? Thank you in advance.