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  1. Thanks Fraser, i will try to help him now, whilst we are here, can i ask about something different, i am on PC now and play fortnite, when i set the distance i want to play (Uk) it usually fails to put me into a game, am i better off just setting a ping limit and doing it that way ? ive just been gaming using the QOS with priority to PC as of now
  2. Hello It seems my last post didnt make it here, i have a mate whos just bought the XR500, its connected to his BT Home Hub or Smart Hub, im not sure, hes connected fine, can use all the features but he is getting a double nat type, how do you fix this ? will putting the BT hub into DMZ help ? also should netduma router be set as DHCP server? Thanks.
  3. Hello I have plugged XR500 into BT home hub, but getting double nat issues, some questions, do i need to put the home hub or BT in DMZ mode? Do i enable DHCP server on the netduma? Is there anything else i need to do also ?
  4. Hi guys, i also have issues on ffia, but i know it isn't the router, the net code is just awful.. but i noticed that i seem to be running high traffic https://gyazo.com/d5db5004573a8f52531d6b4eca7bd023 is this normal ? How do i lower it, i have a stream open and a few web pages for work etc but they aren't being used as such.
  5. I use the Xr500 and my connection is always fine, no issues. My mate uses it and when ever his brother connects to the router on xbox they get double nat, to get out of it he had to turn DMZ mode on. He doesn't want that on, he uses IPV6, not a static ip usually and port forwarding. What shall he check, there has to be a conflict of IPS somewhere right ?
  6. Hi Jack I tried this even with ping on 100ms and i get "no opponents found" https://gyazo.com/c50a401dc7b027542d4b53609a78f0a1 have i got the correct settings on. it seems that it is trying to use the geo filter and not ping.
  7. Thanks for that, i set my ping on 20ms and i get the same server over and over in fifa and i get perfect gameplay.
  8. As title says, for FIFA i want to use ping assist rather than the geo filter, do i set it to filter mode ? do i just make the search world wide and just ping like 30mS? thanks
  9. Yes i am, i also have a netgear so that could be why. Okay then my issue is that i have fibre to the property, so i have an exchange in my house so on the netgear i have to put these details in https://gyazo.com/4aed3438d81e221278b7a111ebe75f9f i can not find this on netdumar1 so i can not get an internet connection.. Any help please?
  10. My netduma R1 is not giving me any advanced settings, tried on original R1 firmware, on DumaOS and the Beta DumaOS. Anyone know how to recover them ? i need them to actually be able to get internet as i have to put my ISP details in to connect to the modem in my house. Thanks.
  11. Which console are you using? Xbox One X Which game mode are you trying to play? Hardpoint / Domination Which DumaOS powered router are you using? Netgear RX500 Where are you located (approximately)? UK Describe any problems you're having. Struggling to find lobbies Have had to turn the router off pretty much the last two nights, shame because its back to shoot first die first, completely forgot how much this system was helping since launch.
  12. Been working fine for me, turned off strict mode, deleted my console from router and found a game although it took a long time and lobby still isn't filling up, could be an xbox issue
  13. Yep same here, can not find a single game with new update and the router. Just found one in the new game mode, took 3 mins of searching and was a lobby with one player in, no one is joining though...
  14. Think you misread i meant when i deactivate the filters i get connected to USA or anywhere really and have 100-160ms ping, when i use the filters i get nothing but 30ms games, although later in UK like (3am-5am) i struggle to find games.
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