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  1. Tried with r1 in router dmz and xbox in netduma dmz, no dice.
  2. Fraser, also signed up for the beta, the moment it went live, any chance I can also give it a go please?
  3. Just to add - I'm also on the last update before 3.0 beta, and having the same problem, so I doubt going back to this will help at all. As a workaround im just connecting my xbox to my normal router when I need to use party. But obv not getting any of the netduma features while doing so which is disappointing
  4. With Bufferbloat disabled I do seem to speedtest at the 50mb download that I entered so not sure on the speed from the ISP. I guess 30% might just work for me - but should I really need to throttle that much considering the xbox needs/uses such little bandwidth? Screens below! Thanks.
  5. I have since been testing - and have had to set anti bufferbloat all the way down to 30% to stop it lagging. Any idea what this would say about my setup/connection? And why this would happen post upgrading to DumaOS rather than the old software? Would you still need to see the screens?
  6. I used to use both Twitch and Youtube to watch Streams. Mainly twitch though. Have tested using both and running streams at full 1080p will cause the issues. Normally I am watching streams on my PC, while playing either xbox or ps4. Mainly testing through the xbox at the moment. I did the speedtest test and the QoS was indeed limiting the bandwidth to the PC - however I was still getting the issues in game, which seemed strange. Disabling the QoS did not affect the issue.
  7. Hi there. Have set everything up in accordance to the optimal settings, yet still having issues. Physical setup is mainline into a BT Homehub. R1 into the hub through lan (also put into DMZ for NAT purposes) Then all devices connected to R1. All gaming devices through Ethernet (PC, Xbox, PS4) and the rest (mobiles, alexa etc) through wifi. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi, Before I upgraded to DumaOS, I used to play games (Fifa, CoD) and usually have a stream or two open without any affect upon my gaming experience. Since upgrading, even a single twitch stream will make me go down to a Red Bar connection on Fifa. If I lower the quality from 1080p to say 160p on the stream then it seems to sort it, but obviously that makes the content unwatchable. Seems strange that it worked perfectly before - with lots of devices as well as a couple of streams open. I have tried many QoS settings - from the recommended 70% down to 50%. Dragging the xbox distribution up to 80%. Tried both when high traffic detected as well as always. I have also removed all devices from geo-filter and factory reset in an attempt to fix. Thought it could have been my internet not giving me the correct speed. So contacted them earlier after doing a speedtest and I was getting a slower (but still 30mb) download. They said they would fix - and got back tonight and was back up to my usual 60/70. Thought that would solve my problems with the QoS however after trying everything above, still no luck. Not really sure what else to try - or whether it is a known issue. Cheers
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