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  1. for netduma jack, but I do not understand why many players I meet do not have this problem, what's the trick?
  2. the speed is 47.50 the set ping is 40 the problem I have is that when I play the players have visible delay in the commands are not fast and the ping is always under 40, it is as if they had some ballast on me I do not know if I explained myself well
  3. already set up so but I have not solved I ask the other settings how they should be the problem may be that on the modem are in pppoe while on the xr500 in dhcp?
  4. hello I'm desperate I wanted real support on how to set xr500 and the main modem, because to date I have no improvement on the playability I always find myself with the static players while the opponents go to double. I have a fiber 50 with 10 of up and minimum band of 1.5, I ask who plays fifa19 if you can help me in this, otherwise I will abandon netgear for other beaches thanks to those who want to help me
  5. Hy i have xr500 and i would like to be a tester for vpn hybrid
  6. thank you I thought you could help me in a more specific way without referring to the manual ... I'm not an expert user. if you can give me more info based on your settings well thank you
  7. hello thanks to these settings I have already made but I find a big difference playing against opponents, commands that come late. can I make other more detailed settings? such as using particular dns, or in priority traffic add a device with manual port configuration? or other suggestions are welcome Thanks again
  8. hello I'm new, I wanted your help on how to set xr500 at best to play fifa19, as a modem I have a d7800 and I added xr500, you can tell me the best steps to do not have problems with lag, delay commands because the opponents are literally the double .... help thank you😭
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