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  1. Scion: Yes I have tested that and I receive my full bandwidth! Fraser: I was referring to "when high priority traffic detected" when I said reactive. I had tried every configuration of every QoS option under the sun, including just turning it off. Nothing seems to get be above 40Mbps OTHER than completely Factory Resetting my R1, and only then, that lasts until a new device is connected to the R1. Also, yes I worked out that MTU to stop fragmentation. EDIT: I could be completely wrong, but I also noticed that the R1's CPU is hitting 90% and beyond when I'm getting these performance issues. Does the R1 operate off of RAM or is it all real time processing?
  2. Hi Guys! Happy user of a Net Duma R1 here with the latest update of DumaOS. I've been having issues lately receiving very little of my bandwidth, everything seems to be capped at 40Mbps and 10Mbps? I'm ready and willing to answer any questions to help me resolve this issue. - Currently connected through an ISP Cisco Modem with it's Firewall Settings (Off), NetDuma is in the DMZ, Upnp enabled. - LAN side ports on both my device & modem are 1000 Mbps supportive, and I pay for a service of 1000 mbps DS & 100 mbps US. - On the NetDuma OS I have Anti-Buffer Bloat set to Reactive with 80% Bandwidth allocated. - Using the Bandwidth Allocation QoS feature I have 80% of my bandwidth allocated to my PS4 Pro. - My PS4 Pro is in Prioritized Traffic, UpNp is enabled and my MTU is set to 1438. - Everything is running on a Static IP.
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