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  1. Ok any ideas for the upload it went up to around 6-8 but should be getting normal 36 upload ?? I just checked wireless and shows it’s reading that much but thru net Duma less than 8. That’s wired should be more right
  2. That seems to have helped but .. should I also turn off the WiFi for netduma r1 it’s just needed for the two Ethernet ports one being for nighthawk x8 and other for ps4 .
  3. Ok should I use the port forwarding or whatever to make open nat type for black ops 4. Also should I say my max download it 800 ish since I have the gigablast which this product cancel do. So lower it to 800 . Hell I’d love it if I was getting 500ish but I’m getting 280 ish. And seemed to reduce my download bad like I’m supposed to get 36-40 download but shows thru ps4 NOW 1-2 megabytes.but when I run a WiFi thru my nighthawk x8 shows corrrect upload 36-40 ? Confused something is slowing down speeds thru netduma r1🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. I’m barley getting 280 mgb. If I go straight from arries to netduma .i mean if I could get it to 500 thru there I’d be happy but it seems to weaken the nighthawk when hooked form modem to Duma then to night hawk. What’s the Settings do I need to have to have the net Dumas fully open a high-speed do I have a have a open net type or port forwarding or just super mode or noth super modes ?
  5. Hey sir I’m new here but I’ve had my netduma r1 and u have the same nighthawk x8 but I tried to connect my 1000 mgb internet modem arries sbb8200 into the Duma then to my nighthawk but then it won’t have any internet WiFi coming from my nighthawk weird I know. But if I do it reverse it works but I’m getting like a quarter of my speeds . If needed can you email me [email protected] wanted to play black ops 4 tonight
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