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  1. Set it to just over UK and France, same settings as BO4. I think to myself oh [email protected]@k not gonna find a hq lobby or any niche mode like HC FFA. Load into lobby immediately. Queue up for FFA, immediate game on UK server. Load into hc FFA. Immediate game on French or UK server. No lag whatsoever. Sigh, looks like it's treyarch shit netcode that their probably saving load on servers by forcing people onto others, but netdumas tries to stop this and thus all our problems. [email protected]@k knows but it's been near 2 months and what are we meant to not play properly until the new cods out??
  2. Yeah I'll test tomorrow. I know geofilter causes lobby not joinables if host is outside, and if host migration occurs, it also causes lost connection to host of new one is outside filter too. Disconnects are the problem. So today I played 3 times. First two disconnect me near the end of a flawless match on a good streak. Rage. 3rd lets me play through game. Disconnects after victory but before post match loads in. I've never had a single connectivity issue until I used the xr500, so obviously using logic I assumed it's something there as nothing else changed. I believe when I use spectating mode all problems go away but matchmaking goes ultra tryhard (no clue why) and obviously ping etc is higher but games are very playable due to the way the games made to compensate for any ping. I'll test all night tomorrow and post if disconnects occur and details. Any idea why with geofilter on matchmaking is against alot lower ranks and generally less sweaty but when spectating it's all prestige 7 plus? Like I'm prestige 6 and with it on everyone else is usually P2 below maybe one higher
  3. If it's not then why do the disconnects stop when ive turned geofilter off? Also it says lobby not joinables if it's a server outside radius, that's fine, the disconnects and crashes are not explainable though. I haven't experienced a single disconnect in 200 plus matches without this router so kinda doesn't leave much else
  4. What's worse is it lets me play most of the game THEN disconnects. Lol
  5. Change settings find an immediate match and guess what??? You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 servers. Done with this router sorry going for a refund, game ran ten times better without it and didn't Ever disconnect. I've got more hours wasted messing about with the settings and crashing than I do in-game.
  6. Verification server is Ireland so it's there. Trying 1300 off of Europe in water so far 6 lobby not joinables. 6.0 kd ratio go me! K 10 lobby not joinables as it's full when my filter was there. That's a no go hehe.
  7. Yeah I put it on the middle of Europe, either ways the same. I always change my settings out of game and wait 2 or so minutes before booting up. This isn't even a case of me struggling with lag comp etc, this is an entirely different problem of basically being matched with peers who disconnect, cod servers that disconnect, and just more disconnects. Also the worst part is after each one, when you click find game, it sits on Contacting Servers and doesn't search for a game, so I have to hard reset the game. That last one is really annoying.. like if I lose connection to a host or disconnect from cod servers it always happens, without fail... No idea why. Doesn't happen with settings off
  8. So I wasted all this money on a router that cannot stay in a single game? Seriously.. ever since I've used this shit I get maybe one match in five working. Just tried to play there. My settings are perfectly fine, geofilter on, Host migration. Ten minutes of constant fire then it says Lost connection. Try again. New game huge gunstreak, randomly goes black. Lost connection to host. Third time, You have been disconnected from the Cod servers. What in the actual fuck is going on? I never experience ANY of this before netdumas and I was prestige 3 so had plenty of playtime. This isn't on top of the time to find a match, that fifty fifty are host not joinable, and the fact even when I do get in it lags alot. I just want to be able to play with a good ping like my router said would be achievable. It was great before and now it's a constant headache. As for entering games last patch made this better. For half a day. Back to crap. Fed up don't know what to do tbh. I have my geofilter at 1000km over the UK and Europe, although it usually tries to connect to UK or France so doesn't need to be so high. Have 70 70 CC, upload set to 7mb and download at 110, which is 50ish on sliders. Strict mode on. Yet when I turn geofilter off all the problems go away, no more disconnects, nothing, but game matches me with prestige 10s constantly.
  9. One day. One night is what I got of instant matches since patch. Now it puts me in listen servers and waiting forever for a match. Also I never ping under 100.. hmm Also whenever it migrates host which is alot, I cannot find a game for 30 plus minutes as it sits at Contacting Servers. Doesn't go to searching. Have to hard reset the game for it to work. FML is it so hard to just get a decent game. Had no problems til I got this router. Definitely something on Dumas side that causes the disconnects and contacting server problem. As when it migrates, new host may not be in geo filter, crashed out then can't connect again. Honestly thought it was all fixed just fed up of joining lobbies after a ten minute wait with just me and one other, no doubt a listen server and my pings always above 100 My settings are perfect, infact I have it set to 1000km ATM. Usually it covers UK and France dedicated but wasn't finding a game so had to increase. Frustration.
  10. I'm connecting fine to UK. Keep getting disconnected randomly though really annoying
  11. Nothing to do with Ste here, I've had same settings entire time. After tonight's 6pm game settings update finds matches immediately with settings on (,would have to turn off to find this quick). However I've been disconnected 90 percent of my games today and yesterday. Disconnected from cod servers looks like they upped the amount of servers or something and stopped relocating people? deffo cod side tho
  12. Anyone else getting a match immediately as of tonight's game settings???
  13. Someone posted on the Reddit saying all dedicated servers are down since the patch and it's only peer games at the moment. Probably explains it
  14. Be the next cod by the time the problems are fixed and it'll start all over again...
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