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  1. I can't access the interface or reset since it won't respond to reset button. Can't also see wifi network for duma.
  2. Hi, Cant access my router so I tried to hard reset dumaOS (R1) with no luck. The reset button is not responding and all lights are flashing green. Anything to be done? Jay
  3. Yep, just keeps asking for a login. There is this text saying that " your connection to the site is not private". Password is ok and checked. Incognito made no difference.
  4. I can't log in with Chrome for some reason. Password is ok and all but still I can't get in.
  5. Safari 13.0.5, Macbook Pro, Firmaware R1
  6. No, I've tried checkin auto on an off but still the same. Not while in a game. Assist is always 0.
  7. Hi, Ok, problem came back and these instructions won't work. What' next? Thanks.
  8. Sorry, never got back. Did that an no probs since. 👍 //Jay
  9. Hi, Im stuck with this dutch dediserver. I tried to block and geofilter or allow/deny won't do any good. No matter what distance or area I choose. Server is listed as denied but still thats what I get. //Jay
  10. Hi, Geofilter is somehow not working properly. It used to work as it's supposed to earlier but now it's gone weird? I can't connect to EU. Have I missed something? -Jay
  11. Ok, things are running smooth and no problems so far. Forgot to say earlier my thanks for your outstanding support on this. Thank you guys and Happy New Year!
  12. And seems like I got me an early Christmas gift cause I got in! Microsoft Edge was the answer. And it's dumaOS so my upgrade went thru. Is there some specific settings that should be in order to get it to work properly? /Jay
  13. Hi, Been away for a while and reset R1 once again. Tried and still didn't get prompted. Tried safari, firefox, chrome and opera and cleared cache/cookies on all of those. Nothing. What next? //Jay
  14. Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : lan Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : Ok, took another computer (windows) to use. Here's the info. R1 was working i.e. wifi network was on, meaning I could use it. Yes, TP was connected to R1 then as AP. I could enter at times the user interface window where it asked username an s/n. But it did not accept any passwords or anything. When powered there is only one light and that is PWR. ACT is of. Nothing is flashing.
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