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  1. I battled this issue for weeks and finally gave up, EVERYONE with a R1 needs to stop trying to make DumaOS work and downgrade back to .J I'm sick of seeing everyone have the same problems with no fix for weeks now. Simple downgrade and your problems will be solved, the old OS works flawlessly on BO4 and other games. Let the Devs figure this thing out and provide an update in the future, This problem almost made me sell the R1 until i simply downgraded. Now i play games instead of mess around with router settings, unless you bought the router to play with it's settings(which i doubt).
  2. Two years ago this product worked amazing, unfortunately my experience with Black Ops 4 and the frustration behind actually finding a game has taken it's toll. I love a great server, but i literally can't find any games with the new milestone update. I have followed many instructions on optimal settings and nothing seems to work on my end. I can't play with any friends even when they are within my geo filter radius. Sorry guys at duma, i've been more than patient with this thing.
  3. Hey guys, i did receive an email, however the email provided was my work email and i'm unable to access on my home PC. was wondering if it could be sent to an alternate email?
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