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  1. did you ever try to enforce the module to work as DAC mode? (you know some old SFP modules do not support EEPROM)
  2. Yes, when SFP+ port works as Internet port (WAN port), the original Internet port will work as "LAN" port.
  3. then I think it's worth to support class B IP address.....
  4. this device is for home used and IP address is class C. Not sure why you expect the home router to support devices more than 253 @ home?
  5. It's interesting to know that changing LAN port can fix the issue. Maybe you can contact NTGR support team to swap your unit back for further checking.
  6. Do not enable "smart roaming" if you don't have any compatible devices which support 802.11k.
  7. what's the FW version did you use now? v1.0.1.2 or v1.0.0.20? if you're with v1.0.1.2, did you enable "smart roaming" via advanced wifi settings?
  8. @FQs19: 1) definitely, routerlogin.net only works for NTGR products (I believe NTGR purchase this domain name). if indeed conflict, you may try routerlogin.com. 2) initial setup with same SSID on both 2.4G/5G band - did not encounter the issue. repeatable? 3) LAN LED: when it's running gigabit speed, the color is white. when it's link at 10M or 100Mbps (in your case, sleep mode will maintain the link rate to 10Mbps only), the LED indication is "amber"
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