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  1. For sure would be nice to have a better app. Regarding this issues reported from a February review, has any of this being fixed being worked on? "For one, it doesn’t have built-in online protection — found in many other high-end routers such as the Asus GT-AC5300 — that works at the router level to keep the entire network from online threats. This is disappointing considering Netgear’s Armor Nighthawk R7000P router has this feature. What’s more, the XR500 has limited Wi-Fi settings. For example, you can’t make a Wi-Fi network operate in a certain standard such as 802.11ac or 802.11n. Instead, you can only set it to work in “up to” a certain speed. This means there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick the highest number, making this setting a bit redundant. And finally, in my testing, the XR500’s Content Filtering feature failed to block secure websites (those that start with https). Since most popular sites — Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and so on — are secure, the XR500’s Content Filtering is, for the most part, useless" Thanks again
  2. So I just got the router and it is fantastic. Love the looks so much that I have it just above monitor level so I can look at it DumaOS features are awesome for sure. My issue though is the current app...it looks so dated and limited vs the dumaos interface. Is there a more matching app planned? Anyways, I just noticed the internet light was blinking white and orange yet my speeds seem great. Any idea what could be wrong? Also I noticed that my wired connection to my MAIN PC (wired) is getting very steady speeds from my 1Gb service unlike my previous Asus N66U. One odd thing...on this wired connection I get over 950Mb down but only about 40Mb up (the forced limit of my uploads is 35Mb by Comcast but I always get a bit more). Yet when I use wireless like from my downstairs HTPC with an Asus PCE-AC88 adapters, it gets a great 850Mb (just as I was hoping) but surprisingly I get faster uploads like 50 to even 60Mb which is over the comcast limitations. My laptop with an asus USB-n63 which barely gets 250Mb down, is somehow also able to beat the 40Mb uploads of my main WIRED PC. Whats up with that? LOL PS I am running the latest firmware.
  3. Will do. I was looking into custom firmware for the X10 to see if I get some of the stuff the xr500 may have stock that the X10 does not to make a call on the X10 since I am not finding it from any vendor here so I would have to order that one online instead. Thanks
  4. I found the xr500 at my local Best Buy so gonna try that. I guess the only thing that seems to be much better on the X10 is File Performance at least based on this review: https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/8623/netgear-nighthawk-xr500-gaming-router-review/index5.html The X10 performs much better at that.
  5. Well honestly as far as games, I have been "retired" for a long time but just back into it thanks to Oculus Rift. So not really doing anything competitive but I may jump back into COD4 if people still play that game or Battlefield. lol I do have issues at home sometimes where my network seems to make my phones lag randomly so I am not sure if its due to other networks around or just the way the Asus router handles the wireless connections to all my different devices so I figured a newer router would be nice. Do both 500 and x10 allow for those extended channels for 5Ghz? Thanks!!! PS another thing that was making me want the X10 first was the 7200 vs 2600 rating but maybe I am putting too much weight into that???
  6. Hello! First post here. I own the Asus N66u running Merlin firmware. I have x-finity 1Gigabit service and feel I can be doing better in terms of speed and coverage. Also would love to be able to select more channels in 5Ghz as I see lots of networks using the same channels I have while my phone app tells me about very clean channels I could be using yet my router gives me no access to those. Anyways, I do some gaming (wired to my main PC not wireless), and just have the usual phones, tablets, down stairs PC with an AC network adapter. I am planning to do a small server to host movies and maybe back up photo files there as well so a great speed for file transfers would be nice to have. Of course I will likely need to get a better wireless adapter for my downstairs HTPC or maybe I can find a faster AC network adapter than the one I have and same thing for the server I will have downstairs. A local is selling a brand new X10 and asking $300 for it with 4 year square trade warranty. I can probably get it for a bit less too. So I am not sure if that is a good option or if I am better off with the newer xr500. Thanks!!
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