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  1. hi just wondering i have x500 can i have firmware for 3.0 and upo ?
  2. hi my brother hate helping me pay my internet. is there a way i can lower his bandwidth on guest wifi ? i have x500
  3. how can i block netflix on my x500 im having trouble under ADD RULE netflix it look like it dont do nothing
  4. need some help my x500 hybrid vpn PureVPN speed are very slow i get around 10 download 6 upload my real speed is around 100 download 10 upload. is there a way i can make it faster ?
  5. i got my dark matter and im prestige master and i delete offf my xbox. never again buyin a cod gam e
  6. i have a 2nd xbox just wondering if there a way i can join the same lobby so i can rank up hehe
  7. bought the router to use VPN pls share the beta with me. x500 I use NordVPN
  8. i bought the x500 just for the vpn. it onlly support hma
  9. yes same i feel like the router dont work i keep diein fast. and im trying to do the 5 kiills with out dying on sniper and gosh super hard
  10. help. everygame i play i lag soo bad on the network it says not connected to cod servers any fixs ?
  11. it says call of duty not connected to call of duty servers.. sadface
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