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  1. i upgraded to dumaOS on my r1 about a week ago , am wondering if am running the latest version, i tried looking thru the forum but couldn't find anywhere that tells you the latest version of it. am currently running R1 if there is a newer version please hook me up.
  2. i had signed up 3 days after after you guys started receiving sign ups, but never got an invite my email is [email protected] i tried to sign up again right now and the website doesn't work.
  3. This are hardly ping problems bro. The only reason your seen the graph Lije that is because your ping is so low that even a change of 1 digit will make it look like it's spiking a lot on the graph, focus on the numbers mason, your ping going back and forth from 9-13 that's not considered a problem, ping will never stay on one number static it'll always be jumping around, ping spike is considered when it's going from 10- to 40 than back to 10 than 50. A scenario like that is considered having ping spikes. You have God connection.
  4. I agree with the Op I have an R1 and I have not big issues in bo4, having a ping of around 40- 60 ms is pretty much everyone unless you live right next to the server, think of it like this, the closer you live to a dedicated server the lower your ping is. And unfortunately the current state of bo4 doesn't help either so that Also Contributes why bo4 is so bad atm. But in this forum I see many people complain about their Duma os router, and some complain about the R1. For the r1 people I recommend setting your geo filter to your nearest server or servers, and setting your ping assist to 40. If your ping assist is lower it won't find you any lobbies. Also white list your friends that you want to play with if they are in or outside your geo radius. Restart router after any changes every now and than. Also geo filter is only good for Multi-player for blackout or zombies turn geo off reason is there is very few servers and more than likely will be outside your geo radius so just turn it off and you won't have problems.
  5. only solution to god connection is move right next to a dedicated server other than that having an in game ping of 40-80 is normal for everyone who is not very near a server. ive personally had a decent experience on lobbies with 40-80 ping , sure its not the best for us who want lowest ping as possible but i doubt itll get better, even if there was no server overload and other tick rate problems , if u live far from the dedicated server you will have high ping. i use the r1 and my geofilter is set up to cover 2 dedicated servers near to me within 400miles and my ping assist is set to 40. if i set the ping assist lower i wont connect to nothing as no server is lower than that. for black out just turn geo off as there is a handful of black out servers and geo will only create problems so i recommend turn it off when u play blackout or even zombies. so for u guys i recommend setting ur geo filter to cover your closest server/servers and set your ping assist to 40. ive heard duma os doesn't have ping assist option , maybe the duma is made so it connects automatically to a specific ping that users cant edit and its lower than the cod servers offer and thats why it dosnt work properly .am not sure but i cant help u there as i dont own one. i also have my speeds throttle on the router to what speed test results. so for exaple i pay for 1 giga down and 40 mbs up, the speed test says my speed is 400 down and 40 up so i set that to my negear router qos. after that i throtle even more on the duma in congestion control to 10% down and 40%up . all this to combat bufferbloat and all was tested on dsl reports with results of a+ my set up is modem>netgear r8000 router> r1 netduma >ps4.
  6. having moderate nat on the in game test and open(type2) on ps4 still creates issues on ps4, the people who want to open their nats is not because its a luxury its a necessity to connect and party with friends. i experienced this issues as well, for me as i mention before on other posts, i use a netgear r8000 router and this router has a nat filtering option in the wan set up options and i can set it to open, therefore everything that connects will have open nat. other users have said that the netgear duma os router that the company is trying to push down our throats also has this option but i cannot confirm that as i dont own it. my recomendation is look thru your router settings maybe google or watch a video on your device options. or buy another router as i dont think many routers have this nifty option.
  7. make sure your goe filter circle covers the nearest dedi server and if there is any ping assist set it to 40. if its too low it wont connect. if no ping assist make sure your circle covers 2 dedi servers.
  8. from my own experience, if you set your geo filter to the nearest server but you put your pint too low it wont connect to lobbies, you need to set your radius to a nearest server but the ping needs to be higher than 40ms on the duma , if your in game ping is 50+/80 thats normal for everyone even high 90s and 100s. the problem is not duma is the servers they are overloaded and so if u set your duma to connect to servers lower than 40 it wont find any . if u test the ping of the server near you itll come out low , but u cant take a duma ping test as your in game ping because thats not your real ping when u play it only works as a reference and its not reliable.
  9. The mp servers and black out servers aren't the same, and there isn't many blackout servers so if your geo is set up it probably won't connect to the server. Just turn off geo filter when u want to play black out. Also the Multi-player servers aren't very good or are overloaded, because if u ping the dedi servers for Multi-player it'll give around 20-30 ping but in game it shows over 50, so idk. I understand you can't take the ping on Duma as 100% correct but still playing at 50+ ping sometimes high 80,90s is unplayable and that's connecting to the nearest server
  10. if there is more than one console or pc using the pots for cod , than the other consoles will get mod nat. some routers have a setting so that it shows open nat to all devices like the r8000 nighthawk . i had the same issued and the settings in the router now gives me open nat on 2 ps4s. try looking up in the router settings. ill give u a link on how to do it on my router maybe itl help u in yours. open the router settiings page> advanced settings> set up> wan> nat filtering options.
  11. I had the same problem you gotta white list your second ps4, name it and move the slider to 100% and update it.. if you on the duma r1 make sure cookies in misc settings is enabled so it saves the changes you make also for open nat on both ps4 i went into the router settings, my netgear nighthawk r8000 has a setting in the Advanced>set up>wan>nat filtering you can set it open, also tick the disable the SIP ALG box i found there is some communication issues in certain parties otherwise. it doesnt hurt to port forward the your ps4 to the cod ports if still doent open. but i did all that and i have open on both ps4. My set up . modem>r8000 nighthawk router{for wifi}>Netuma>my ps4 **only my ps4 is hooked to the duma my other one isnt**my other ps4 is connected to wifi.
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