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  1. Hello Everyone at the R1 DoS forum I would like to know more information on how do Profiles and Active Services work For example There is an Unreal Engine Profile Also there is an Unreal Engine Traffic Service Do I have to enable both options in order for them to work smoothly? I do realized that I can Activate Fortnite Profile and have Game Console service active, but doing this doesnt affect performance it is as if they actually do nothing Also I can enable Halo profile and have unreal engine active service I initially thought that enabling Unreal Engine profile would enable Unreal Engine Service Automatically but it doesnt I started to get kinda confused so can someone give me some in depth information on how this actually works and how each affects the games I play Thanks!!!
  2. Whats up fraser, tried to Port Forward the ports mentioned but It did barely something either way my router is in DMZ mode, feels kinda the same lol, also I noticed that UpnP sometimes works and shows a teredo port opened but sometimes its not showing anything, Cloud Flush button still not working with 1 attmp every 12 hours DoS definetly feels better than R1 og Os but something is missing here, Ill keep trying several configurations and keep you guys posted, any input on any other configuration on the ISP router aside from putting it in DMZ mode??? Thank you everyone at Netduma, this is a great consumer experience!
  3. Well I have my anti buffer off, both slides at 100%, share excess on and also I tried 100% bandwith on the device im using to browse on the R1, still have that error Well I actually didnt changed anything on my previous R1 setup, and just upgraded to the first DoS release, well it worked awesome for like an hour turned off the console and the next day the R1 performance was pretty average, Now with the new DoS release I experienced the same, great matches for like an hour, no issues, I actually had a lot of fun tbh, having great connection is a bless but after turning off the console the next day the R1 was perfoming pretty much average again I really dont know what is really causing this inconsistency but Ill keep diggin on it, Tried several combinations of settings to make that cloud flush button work again, but no luck so far Ill keep you guys posted
  4. Well Ive noticed that my R1 only works as a charm everytime I reset or reupgrade the device (you know those matches with crispy shots) and also only works 3 or 4 matches (halo 5) after that It works just like my ISP router So Ive been trying many things I used to do on the old firmware like "Flushing the cloud" or simply disconnect the R1 and my router and then reconnect them a minute later but as a hard core gamer disconnecting and reconnecting every single time I want to play is kind of a hassle for me Any insight on how to make the R1 work flawlessly every session I play without " pre game rituals" Also the Flush Cloud Button is not working (It wasnt working on the first release of dOS anyway)
  5. Well Ive been testing DumaOS but I noticed an issue when playing fortnite I have only 1 device on my network (xbox console) My network map consist of ROUTER>R1>XBOX ONE CONSOLE My Geo FIlter is set to expectate mode Antibufferbloat is off Service enabled is Unreal Engine (fortnite etc) Every single time I play Fortnite if im not the Party Leader I get a very high ping (150ms) but If Im the Party Leader I have steady 40ms no ping issues Is this related to a misconfiguration of the R1 or my ISP Router or this is how fortnite works? Any input on how to fix this? Also Ive noticed that the share excess option feels kinda different from the R1 on the 1.03 firmware
  6. Well after upgrading my R1 to the Duma OS I can really tell that it really makes a difference on most of the games I play But I cant find the Share Excess Checkbox on the Bandwith allocation Screen Was this option removed? Also I noticed that the Halo 5 service is not on the services menu anymore