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  1. Sorry for delayed response. No matter the size of filter the dedicated servers pop up in virginia and new jersey but then disappear. Im not sure if they are supposed to stay shown or not. I still have trouble finding a game with the geo filter set this large but can pretty consistantly. But when playing with friends ( all who live within 20 miles of me ) it makes it so much worse. In this picture i have 0 servers blocked and call of duty running There are servers within 250 miles from me in two different locations. But for whatever reason they dont seem to connect to them when i have the geo filter on the standard call of duty geo setting ( like 550 miles ) or anything under 700-800
  2. Im in Maryland and there are servers in New Jersey and Virginia i believe. But even if i have the miles set to 1500 miles, it still doesnt connect to games. The second i turn off the geo filter it works fine.
  3. Anytime I have my XR500 router connected, everything as far as internet works fine. Getting into Black Ops 4 works fine. Open NAT on Xbox and in Black Ops 4. But once I try to start a game it boots me out. Not super technical. But if I take the Geo filter and move it from 400mi to 1200mi it doesn’t make a difference, can’t connect to a game. But if I delete the device I’m filtering (Xbox one) it works fine. I may be doing something incorrect but I don’t think I am. Any help would be great. Thanks
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