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    The logs are really only for developers to use. Don’t pay to much attention to them. 
    I’ve posted an excerpt from @Netduma Jack about logs.
    “logs are for developers to look over in specific situations. Every router in the world would show these kinds of events if they too had log files. Most routers don't show you this information for this reason - it can be misinterpreted’
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    Craigst reacted to Netduma Admin in Can't connect to Google   
    Thanks Craig. There's no limit, but it can look congested in the display when you get over 50+ devices, so we are going to make a table view option which should make it easier for power users to manage.
    If some devices don't appear to be appearing then double check they're not appearing as 'unnamed devices'. Sometimes a reboot of the device can fix this.
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    Craigst got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Can't connect to Google   
    thank you for the work you put in to this ! can only guess the work you put in , is there a max device limit on device page as i got some not showing , im looking to test it and hope to get more game servers added 
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