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  1. crmontoy1

    NAT ON BO4

    i only have modem cable.... isnt modem router MODEL: arris TM1602
  2. crmontoy1

    NAT ON BO4

    WELL ACTUALLY WHEN IM PLAYING BO4 IN ANY MODE IN GEO FILTER Y HAVE (NAT MODERATE) BUT THIS HAPPEN WHEN I LOOK IN HIS OWN MENU, SHOW ME THAT I HAVE THAT KIND OF NAT..... i know that i need open ports and i did it UDP TCP the other solution is dmz but there i have many dudes cause my setup is: MODEM-NETDUMAR1-NETGEAR X6 R8000 IN POINT ACCESS thats mean i cant put the netdumar1 in dmz cause my company gave initially modem and router separates( modem arris-router wifi sagecom if someone have any advice for this can participate in this forum thks
  3. i will try!!!! and let you know thks for the Advice .......
  4. something is wrong in filtering mode..... when i want to play, i got a message (the connection to your opponent has been lost) and spectating mode i can play but in other continent(server in the map with a ping over 115ms) and the latency in the lobby game is 1 bar. i know that is bad i live in usa NY if someone can help me with this topic ill appreciate it
  5. crmontoy1

    backscreen page

    thks a lot!!!!!!!!!!
  6. crmontoy1

    backscreen page

    i wan to know why my backscreen the eyes from de lyon are red and was grey, someone know if something is wrong