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  1. Yes its the same group of friends i akways play with but with the geo filter on i keep cant connect to party chat I can play the game fine but cant be in parties as it says my network settings are blockking party chat... Which is direcrly related to the teredo ip thing. So is this not going to change at any time with fitire updates or am i just stuck playing bo4 without geo filter on coz I really need the geo filter to pick up low ping blackout games
  2. If I switch on geo filter before booting up it works for a while and then kicks me out of party chat and guves me the teredo up error. So basicly for now im jus using the netduma as an overpriced qos device
  3. My xbox does the test when I switch it on... So i should only switch on the geo filter when im searching for games?
  4. Yesterday after doing the update everything was working fine... I get home today and I'm having unable to find teredo ip problem again
  5. I have successfully upgraded. Just a quick question why cant I set a ping limit anymore on my geo filter
  6. Basicly all my congestion control settings hyper lane host filter any settings that i adjust in those areas keep resetting to default... But I will try and download the new os and see if I come right thanks again
  7. Thanks for your help in this regard managed to sort out that issue however im sitting with another frustrating issue which i didnt even realise was happening. I started olaying blackops 4 and was having the odd lag spike here and there... And then all of a sudden every gane is just lagging and im connecting to my local server.... Every game oing fluctuates between 90ms and 400 ping. So I went inti my r1 settings to see if my geo filter and hyper boost were still active and that is when I realised everything i had set my router to had reset... When i try to update it it shows everything as active but if I disconnect my laptop and reconnect the same thing happens again plz help
  8. I've started experiencing multiplayer and nat issues ever since i changed out my gateway. My original netgear adsl router gave me no problems for the past 3 months since i got the netduma however when I replaced the netgear with my old huawei adsl router I started getting double NAT. Tried to rectify this by changing dmz settings etc. Did not work called huawei support only for them to tell me my router is not compatible with double ds. Put back my old netgear router and nat opened up for about 2 to 3 hours. Then I started getting teredo ip problems. I have tried enabling upnp on the netduma as well as wifi workaround to no avail. Need help as this is really frustrating as the only way i can play online with friends is if i connect directly to my adsl router which renders the netduma useless and a very expensive ornament. Please help
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