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  1. Doubt IT

    XR500 instead of X10

    yeah exactly, but the hardware on the X10 is better then the XR500, I don't know if Id want to spend another 500 on that lol.
  2. Doubt IT

    XR500 instead of X10

    Yeah, I was messing with it but it sounds a little confusing, with my QOS there's no "slider" So id assume the Router ( X10 ) will calculate that for me or no? I'm not 100% sure how to set it up on the XR500 and like im doing something wrong I was just playing around with it. Id assume the x10 is more powerful vs the XR500 but lacks the software, does that mean I go for the XR700?
  3. Doubt IT

    XR500 instead of X10

    Thanks for the response!! Yeah I'm just tied between the 2 because the hardware is id assume more powerful on my X10 being Quad core vs Dual, but yes its the software on the XR I want lol So currently I do have QOS set for my XboxOneX and Apple TV to take the highest bandwidth, I have 2 iphones 7's on the network and 2 tv's, nothing crazy. I do play game COD, Ghost recon etc. I've been getting crappy Ping times on COD but I've also been reading there's something going on with that as well. Yesterday I went hardwired and the issues went away for the Ping levels and I was actually able to play haha, I know hardwired is where it needs to be but my house structure makes it a little hard right now. My Apple TV: when I try to stream with that NBA League pass the game constantly goes in and out and it drives me crazy, I haven't tried hardwired yet but id imagine id get the same result. So I don't know if there's an issue with the Router or its just not good enough ( Which I cant imagine ) but it happens I guess. So I picked up the XR500 maybe it'll do a better job?\ Modem - Arris SB8200 3.1 Internet 70 Down 6up
  4. Doubt IT

    XR500 instead of X10

    Hey guys I have the X10 and I’ve been debating on getting rid of my X10 for the XR500 would that be a smart move or dumb? I’m debating. Is the wireless any better on the XR500? I think my X10 is having some issues with streaming. Thanks all.