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  1. same here, im also from the Netherlands, try this with your netduma, it will connect u to the UK server or the German server, unfortunately the Amsterdam server is not in use by Treyarch, i don't know why but its pretty shit cause my ping will always be around 50 vs 15-20 from the UK or Germany its gonna be a tough year for dutch bo4 players
  2. This was not in game, this was in multiplayer menu, as soon as i went searching for a lobby the server on the US became larger and the circles in my radius became small and the ping fluctuated between 15 and 80
  3. thnx for your reply! i tried again and this time i get connected with a server all the way in California, here is a SH also when i try to find a match on BO4 on 0 MS it tries to join a game but i always get the error of "the lobby is not joinable"
  4. yes strict mode is enabled, this is my screenshot, i dont know why it localised a server in Greece while in strict mode.
  5. @ Palla, thanks i tried this but still it connected me to a host in the Ukraine, 120+ ping this game it looks like P2P hosts instead of dedicated. My R1 does not connect to the Amsterdam Dedicated servers anymore like it did in BO3 every time.
  6. hi guys, whenever i try to start a lobby it finds it really fast, my Geo radius is set on 300 KM, (netherlands) but it keeps connecting me to a UK server or a server somewhere in Greece.... gameplays are terrible, bullets don't register and high ping (60+) i tried to set all the host filtering details first before starting my Console but still it doesnt work do any of you have any tips or advice? can't play the game and having fun this way i have attached a file with my settings
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