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  1. These pop up as new york but have a 20ms ping to me in alberta canada 22ms 812dbc87ca203a3f 22ms 812dc48fca203a3f 22ms 812dd39eca203a3f 25ms 812dc691ca203a3f 22ms 812dcd98ca203a3f
  2. i set it to 10 just to see if i would find matches at all but i kept getting 80 ping hosts even with it set to 40-50 as jack said i constantly get 80 ping hosts with fast search i used 10 as a test ping and still got an 100ms host i was wondering why with fast search no matter my setting im always getting high ping hosts with my circle in the ocean without fast serach im perfectly fine but it take like 5 mins to get games as for my ping
  3. So im using ping assist with fast search enabled i set the ping to 10 ms and always match an 80 plus ping player host but with fast search off i find 40ms ping games?
  4. 72184d18b5116469 aa2d6f3aca493a3f 05d105d06ea4babf 4b68dba605ea979c 456c471209e4383d 456c552009e4383d 456ca77209e4383d d8c7bc8764776f74 456c673209e4383d d8c7bd8864776f74 d8c7875264776f74 aa2d8550ca493a3f 456cab7609e4383d 456ca26d09e4383d a793c38e3046575c aa2d6e39ca493a3f 24ae04cf4bc37176 72185823b5116469 812dbc87ca203a3f 7218d39eb5116469 72185520b5116469 d8c79d6864776f74 4c68956005eb979c 0468865105a3e9ee aa2d7c47ca493a3f 4c68915c05eb979c 456c9c6709e4383d 7218d29db5116469 812dc48fca203a3f d8c7ac7764776f74 72185c27b5116469 fac0dda85d99a5aa d8c7d9a464776f74 4c68925d05eb979c aa2d723dca493a3f 7218521db5116469 7218ca95b5116469 7218ce99b5116469 4c68a77205eb979c 05d1ca956ea4babf aa2d6732ca493a3f aa2d8b56ca493a3f a92d410cca483a3f 95187c47b5346469 d8c79a6564776f74 72184d18b5116469 4c688f5a05eb979c ALL of these i got from starting bo4 then dashing some are 40ms and located right above florida others are located by california in the ocean or some even by newyork please fix. oh and my location is alberta canada. 4b68e7b205ea979c aa2d7b46ca493a3f
  5. https://gyazo.com/fefa84c48fc9e6476314f084bd9bd36a I live in alberta this host has a 38ms ping to me but is located in Florida?
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