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  1. Thanks Fraser and team! Seems to have solved the issue since I posted this. Any reason you think may of been causing this? Just an overlapping of firmwares?
  2. Yeah, Ill give that a shot. I did not perform a factory reset after upgrade. I will perform that in a bit.
  3. So I have set the lease to 168hours before .205 update. It seemed to be a solution to the consistent wifi issues my household has been having with the R2. Every few hours or so the WIFI drops/crashes on our devices. I am wondering if this is a DHCP issue as when I check the logs I always see this: If any ideas or solutions to mitigate how often I lose wifi? Its usually 2-4 times a day again after update .205 my lease is still at 168 hours.
  4. Evening, I really like the category breakdown circle graph on the right side of network monitor. If there was something a bit more interesting is if we could have the network monitor snapshot (bar graph) also represent the same colour-coded breakdown on the bars. Just an idea that would mesh the two together to get a live representation with the bars. Possibly make it a customization option for it. Thanks guys, - Brett M.
  5. I did a reset and it seems to I assume cleared, Anyway to prevent this in the future?
  6. Just RAPPs not loading, I have no tried a reset though,
  7. Hello there, Whenever I try to adjust my QOS and such the RAPPs have issues loading or partially loading. Is this due to Chrome as my browser or. Thanks!
  8. Is there any way I could get a PM with a solution to wifi instability as well? Sometimes connections to my devices drop for tablets and what not.
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